Why you should visit Lesotho while in South Africa

Spice up your trip to South Africa with a visit to Lesotho; a kingdom packed with gorgeous mountains. Lesotho boasts of highland regions, panoramic views, and extreme adventure.

It has attracted a wide range of visitors from ordinary tourists to honeymooners, from adventure seekers to cozy holidaymakers.

Lesotho holds the pride of being the only county elevated entirely above 1000m in the whole world. Therefore, it is renowned as the ‘Kingdom in the sky.‘ It is full of towering mountains and sky-scraping peaks. Undoubtedly, it is ideal for anyone who craves for a timeless adventure.

It is the gem of South Africa retaining the true African identity remaining undiluted until today. You will be able to glimpse a historic Africa through this enclaved kingdom. So never forget to visit Lesotho on your stay in South Africa and here’s why.

What to see in Lesotho?

A rustic yet scenic country in South Africa is Lesotho. If you lodge among the villages in the hilly region, you are in luck! It will grant you with a constant view of a picture perfect setting. The ambiance is richly decorated with raging waterfalls and wide and clear rivers. The setting is unspoiled retaining lush valleys and thick woods; an ideal habitat for wildlife.

The Basotho people living there proudly hold the primeval African identity. If you visit Lesotho, you will be able to experience a historic culture as well as a deeply rooted ethnicity. You will see villagers traditionally dressed in attractively bright, ethnic clothing. And also the tribal music and dances performed by them have delighted many visitors over the years.

All these demand you to visit Lesotho for a perfect holiday getaway!

Where to go in Lesotho?

The gem in South Africa is small but mighty. It has a range of attractive tourist destinations which will please you in an instant.

Katse dam is one of the most visited spots in Lesotho. It is an iconic construction which transfers water in highlands through a collaboration of many tunnels and dams. A peek at the massive dam wall and beyond is a sight worth to be held in your travel journal.

Semonkong Falls, also known as the Maletsunyane Falls is the highest single drop waterfall in South Africa. It is a spectacular view watching the giant cascade of water gushing through enormous rocks. Visit Lesotho and Spark your adrenaline by abseiling in this giant fall.

Prepare yourself to traverse back in time as you follow dinosaur footprint tracks. This enclaved minuscule country holds the largest sites of dinosaur footprints in the world. Lesotho holding a wealth of dinosaur fossils and other monuments of prehistoric era is a paradise for paleontologists and archeologists! Some of the prominent locations are Morija, Subeng Stream, and Tsikoane.

Kome cave dwellings in Berea have tucked away in the corner of Lesotho. These astonishing creations are carved out and built under enormous rocks. These are still occupied by the descendants of the original clan which makes this heritage site more notable.

Witness a true sense of history visiting Lesotho, while you stroll among these sites of heritage.

What to do in Lesotho?

The vacationists would never dare to ask this question while in Lesotho. It is packed with an assortment of adventurous, nerve-gripping activities. Popularly known as the kingdom in the sky, Lesotho defines anything that is high and extreme.

So a land of mountains calls for hiking and mountain climbing. These are electrifying yet risky activities where you should be well equipped. If you are brave enough, visit Lesotho, climb through and gain a life-long escapade.

Sehlabathebe National park, a remote and wild yet scenic park is ideal for both hiking and pony riding. For tranquil holiday seekers, this isolated wilderness is ideal with soothing tunes of nature. The area is also a habitat for many rare kinds of species.

Discovering Lesotho on a pony is another famous activity. Pony trekking will grant you access to places too hard to explore on foot. Semonkong Lodge offers you with everything related to such a ride.

Get yourself into Quad-biking or a 4×4 and voyage through the world famous Sani Pass! It is a gigantic mountain pass known as the roof of Africa as well as the mother of all passes. The journey is arduous as well as exciting with sheer cliffs and narrow winding paths. Twisting and turning, it will eventually lead you to the highest peak of Africa. The sight from there is simply mind-blowing and breathtaking. You will get a scenic view of hulking mountains surrounded by lush greenery. This is a one in a million experience and considers you a winner if you get past the roughish obstacles. Visit Lesotho and get yourself to the top of the world!

If you are ready to challenge this adventurous kingdom, treat yourself with paragliding or hang-gliding. This will offer you a hair-raising experience fuelling your spirit.

Lesotho is a habitat for nearly 300 bird species. It is a homely zone for bird enthusiasts and a perfect place for bird watching. Some famous places are Maluti and Lesotho Drakensberg which is home to many native and rare species like Bearded vultures and the black eagle.

The people in Lesotho are otherwise known for their traditional handicrafts that are made for actual use as well as for souvenirs. They are crafted from natural materials like straw and wood. These beautifully created items are perfect as gifts and tokens for your loved ones!

The interesting fact about Lesotho is that you can self-explore it yourself if you are well equipped or get the help of a tour guide. These are very few restrictions so you can go about anywhere. And on your excursions, you will come across an array of animals and get in touch with wild nature. You can even get yourself to camping and many other interesting activities if you visit Lesotho. This kingdom in the sky will make you reach for the stars!

And do not forget to capture every moment while in the beautifully rugged Lesotho!


About the Author: This article was written by Raeesha Ikram, savvy travel blogger at asabbatical.com , a personal travel blog of Adrian Sameli. To connect with Raeesha, follow her on Facebook.

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  1. Great photos. Lesotho has been on our list – we were in South Africa for 3 months last year and just ran out of time (so much to see and do). Good read.

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