Visit Beautiful Egypt

Tourists have been visiting Egypt for thousands of years, since the Ancient Greeks and Romans, through participants in the Grand Tour, and right up to the modern day tourists taking photographs of the very same Pyramids with their iPads. Thousands of years of tourists can’t be wrong: this country is a fantastic destination, which so many mesmerising sights to visit.

Egyptian Customs and Culture

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the culture of Egypt: public displays of affection and revealing clothes are not acceptable, and it is important to respect these differences.

What to See

There’s so much to see, so make sure you immerse yourself in Egypt, and it’s spread out across this huge country. So make sure you don’t miss the best bits by arranging an itinerary and fitting in as much as you can.

Visit the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, one of the oldest mosques in Cairo, which dates back to 876AD.

Also in Cairo, don’t miss the Egyptian Museum, with at least 120,000 ancient Egyptian artefacts which will take your breath away.

Abu Simbel is a huge archaeological site of two rock-cut temples dating back to 13th century BC.

The Valley of the Kings near Luxor contains tombs for the Egyptian kings dating back as far as the 16th century BC. The tombs are decorated beautifully, and you’ll feel immersed in Egypt’s noble past.

To see as much as possible, consider a Nile Cruise and traverse upper Egypt in style. It’s really scenic and will enable you to see a great swathe of the country.

Near Luxor, make sure you visit the temple of Karnak, with its huge temples and massive columns.

Eat and Drink

Make sure you sample the local street food. Taste as much as you can from street stalls or local diners. In particular you should taste tamiya, shawarma and kushari for a true (and cheap) taste of Egypt.

Don’t forget to visit raqs sharqi (oriental dance) clubs to see some Egyptian belly dancing if you can. You’ll be surrounded by locals, and it’s one of the best ways to experience Egyptian music and dance.

See as much as you can of this phenomenal country which is bursting with life and history. You’ll be itching to return as soon as you head home!

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