Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa, Vietnam

If you are making a trip to either Hue or Hoi An, I urge you to stop at the Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa. Such peaceful places like this are a delightful surprise to see in central Vietnam and so close to Hue and Danang. The Lakes and mountains of Northern Vietnam seem to hog much of the media attention, when it comes to lagoons and mountain views.

Although, central Vietnam is missing some of the rich tribal cultures of the north, the lake’s atmosphere more than makes up for that. There is plenty of peace and tranquility and being an observer of simple village life. In my opinion, there isn’t a better place to soak up the atmosphere and turn off from the modern world for a couple of days. 

The Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa

The Vedana Lagoon resort is spread around a large peninsula jutting into the lake, with the main mode of transport being bicycle or electric buggy. The resort has a country club feeling or as british friends would understand a type of  luxury Centre Parcs atmosphere, which seems strange to experience in Vietnam. The resort has maximised the location on the water with most rooms/ villas and bungalows being on or over the water including the fantastic spa and wellness area.  

In many of my posts about Vietnam, I talk frequently about it being hard to find quiet places in Vietnam. The rampant development has meant that even in the quietest of places, there is usually still some sort of building work or a motorbike noise that can spoil natural silence.

I’m going to go out on limb and state, and the Vedana lagoon is most likely the most peaceful place we have found so far in Vietnam. I do believe this is no coincidence, when you enter the resort the over -the -water bungalows are a good 500 – 700m buggy ride from the entrance. So you really are a long way from any annoying noise, even of the natural kind, like farm animals and the especially a cockcral.

The Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa

The rooms

Again, like our stay at the Pilgrimage Village resort, our trip was predominately about R&R Rest and Relaxation. Our room helped get us in the mood: set on the lagoon’s edge, we had a double room with an adjoining twin room for the girls. Both rooms had a large bathtub with a lake view, that I found time to try out it was delightful, and, like the Pilgrimage Village resort, there was also a beautiful outdoor shower. 

Check our video with the drone below:

The Spa

We gorged on the delicious buffet breakfast and then relaxed by the pool, Marco took advantage of the wellness area with a large sauna and steam room with cold plunge pools overlooking the lagoon: the setting couldn’t be more idyllic, if only the lake was freezing cold you might think you were in a nordic country! The lake is in fact bathwater temperature and very shallow, I wouldn’t recommend swimming or plunging. 

Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa

Yoga and Tai Chi

On our first morning I particularly enjoyed an early morning Yoga session before breakfast, if you can handle a slightly earlier wake up call there is also Tai Chi class an hour prior to the yoga,  provided free of charge. It felt great to get moving before breakfast and the lakeside setting really helped to relax me. 

Whilst Marco was getting his wellness fix in the sauna and steam room, I took the girls to the pool, which as always provides hours of fun and gives me some time to bury my head into a good book. 

Yoga and Tai Chi

Ideal for families

For families, the resort is an ideal base, because if you don’t want to, you really don’t need to leave the resort; there is a lot to keep the whole family occupied: kayaking, tennis courts, table tennis, kids club and playrooms, gym and even an aviary. 

We really enjoyed the kayaking, although you are not able to go out too far onto the lake, this was great fun with our girls.

kayaking in Vietnam

The bikes

However, as always it’s the simple things that provide the most fun, and it was the array of bikes and cycling around the resort and the nearby village that gave us the most enjoyment. The resort has a whole range of bikes for guests to use free of charge. Our daughters thought it was the most exciting thing ever to ride their BMX around the quiet roads we also had an interesting experience on the tandem and four-person bike. 

The Vedana Resort is also a great base to visit the historic sights of Hue, although being a little further from the city centre it is still possible to make a few day trips from resort. 

Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa the bikes

Thinking Nomads Verdict 

Overall we had a great stay at the Vedana Lagoon Resort: it’s a good base to visit Hue or just to have a few days rest and relaxation. There is lots to do in the resort even if you don’t feel like venturing out, for us it was great to switch off from daily life and soak up the lakeside atmosphere.
us at Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa

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