Ultimate Gadget Ideas for Travel this year

Travel has never been a more exhilarating goal than it is right now.

From adventure and luxury travelers to quiet holiday makers, equipping yourself with the perfect gadgets to ensure you have an idyllic journey is easier than before. Besides who wouldn’t want that extra comfort of having convenient gadgets that do it all?

Here are some unique gadgets bound to make your trip a memorable one.


A hoverboard is a useful, trendy and enjoyable accessory to whip around new cities as you take on cobbled walkways and flat roads to tour. The hoverboard is a versatile ride that makes any commute fun. Not only does it help you as the traveler move around easily it gives a smooth ride to avoid traffic.

It is a sightseeing tool that enhances your experience. The self-balancing board can accelerate your usual walking time, takes only a few hours to power up and can be neatly stored as carry-on luggage. Bringing an edge to perhaps a boring holiday, the hoverboard is the new gadget to take along on your travels.

Portable Travel DroneNo doubt, aerial drone photography is the new contender in the visual game. A portable travel drone is an ultimate gadget every tourist should consider. You will be able to capture footage unlike any other with it. These are not for average photographs, these are for spectacular shots. Using a portable travel drone for all your footage requirements is an ideal way to make sure that your trip is an absolutely once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Polaroid Instant Camera     

With so many options to capture your special moments, ranging from DSLR cameras to simple digital cameras, travelers are truly spoilt for choice. But the effort of carrying an expensive camera along with your journey, the travel insurance you’ll have to fork out as well as the risk of damage or theft are deterring factors.

This is where the polaroid instant camera can work for your benefit. The camera is smaller, inexpensive and optimal for instant snaps. The effort of lugging around bulky camera equipment can be avoided with this simple camera that develops your memories instantly and let you visit that moment time after time.

Fitness Tracker

Travelling can become overly indulgent but that shouldn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to hit the gym once you return home. A fitness tracker is a great way to monitor your heart rate, time your workouts and walks and keep track of your activity during your trip. This lightweight gadget is an easy addition to carrying on your trip if you’re a tourist that loves leading an active lifestyle even while touring undiscovered cities.  You can get an overview of your physical health without having a sheepish trip back home.

These are travel must-haves that can cater to some of your traveling requirements. If you’re planning a getaway this year – be it an international stay over, an impressive tour or a short trip, these ultimate gadgets are ought to make your journey convenient, fun and unforgettable. 

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