Travel to Nepal, India and Turkey for under $1500

Travel is becoming a popular past time and with that, traveling to foreign destinations can be affordable.

2019 is your opportunity to embark on a trip that is interesting, memorable and inexpensive. With so many new travel hotspots popping up, exploring less-travelled lands are exhilarating and it’s your chance to whizz around the world.

Exchange rates, documentation and even others stories can deter you from planning the trip of a lifetime. Stressing about financing your trip shouldn’t be stressful, getting a personal loan for travel and effective budgeting will ensure you holiday right. Considering less traveled countries can create a one-of-a-kind experience!

Here are some wonderful destinations all under $1500..


Snow-capped peaks, fresh air and breath taking views await you. Nepal is the ideal international travel destination for nature and adventure lovers alike.

How to travel like a local

Hopping onto a bus maybe slightly cheaper than taking a flight, but flights can start from $495 and upwards.

Where to stay like a local

There are a few budget hotels and hostels around Kathmandu which can cost $12 or more per a night.

What to do

Exploring Kathmandu, walking along the gorge of Seti River and even browsing your way through the Old Bazaar of Pokhara are must do’s when in Nepal.

Approximate Travel Cost for a week’s stay: $750


Turkey is a cultural and historical mix of Europe and Asia. It’s a vibrant country that is rich in character and is ought to be on your travel to-do list simply because the country is a masterpiece.

How to travel like a local

A return trip to Turkey will set you back by approximately $542 and upwards.

Where to stay like a local

Budgeting well and you could stay at hostel or a cheaper hotel for around $316 for a week.

What to do

Drinking the infamous Turkish Tea while discovering Istanbul, bargain through the bazaars and take a hot air balloon ride over the magical Cappadocia.

Also Turkey is a safe country to visit to.

Approximate Travel Cost for a week’s stay: $1258

Sri Lanka

A true marvel, Sri Lanka is a beautiful country waiting to be discovered. The serene landscape boasts the best of Asian wildlife, unspoiled beaches and is infused with culture.

How to travel like a local

Budget for around $149 a single trip.

Where to stay like a local

Colombo has an array of hotels, B&B’s and hotels available for your budget starting from $14 a night.

What to do

Boating on the famous Lake Gregory, visit tea factories and stop by the Temple of Tooth Relic.

Approximate Travel Cost for a week’s stay: $500

International getaways should be on your radar. With budget in mind, pick a lesser known destination and holiday extravagantly. With a carefully put-together budget, cost-friendly planning and an open mind – you too can travel internationally. Do your research and travel like a local. 

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