Travel to Australia vs. New Zealand: How To choose Your Ideal Adventure Destination

Travelers often ask me which destination is better for an unforgettable adventure: Australia or New Zealand. Both of these countries frequently top bucket lists, drawing in travelers from the UK, North America, and Europe. The allure of “down under” promises a complete change of scenery and culture. But what exactly makes these two destinations so appealing to travelers? In this post, we’ll explore Australia and New Zealand, highlighting their unique charms and shared attractions. Since we know that time and resources can be limited, we’ll focus on the best experiences each country has to offer, helping you decide which might be your perfect travel escape.

The restorative nature of travel is well documented, and depending on where you are in the world, aiming for a country or culture on the polar opposite end of the spectrum is usually where people will aim. Many British people who travel will aim for Australia or New Zealand, as will North Americans and Europeans. Some Americans will travel around Europe, and Aussie and Kiwi travelers will embark on a similar route to broaden their horizons and meet people from other parts of the globe. 

Activities You’ll Find in Both Countries

Australia and New Zealand share a love for the great outdoors, offering numerous activities for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Both countries boast spectacular landscapes perfect for hiking, with famous trails such as Australia’s Overland Track and New Zealand’s Milford Track.

Water sports are also immensely popular, with opportunities for surfing, kayaking, and diving in both nations. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand’s Bay of Islands are prime spots for underwater exploration. Additionally, there are great snorkeling spots like Abrolhos  Island on the west coast of Australia, offering breathtaking underwater experience.

Cricket is a beloved sport in both Australia and New Zealand, enjoyed at both professional and amateur levels. Additionally, pokies are very commonplace in Australia, as they are found across hotels, pubs, country clubs, and other social spots in the country, which goes beyond the realms of traditional casinos. The country accounts for 20% of the world’s pokies, which is a huge indicator of this game’s popularity in the area. 

Slots is another popular game that is a shared interest in both of the countries and players may choose to play either online or in person when visiting the region. In fact, 21% of regular gamblers in Australia take part in EMGs, which refer to electronic gaming machines, also known as online pokies for real money

Surfing in Australia

Travel Essentials

Whether you’re traveling on a shoestring or splurging on your dream vacation, making the most of your money is key to a fulfilling trip. Smart budgeting and savvy spending can stretch your travel funds further, allowing you to explore more, experience more, and simply enjoy your adventure for longer.

From finding discounted flights and affordable accommodations to seeking out free activities and local eats, there are countless ways to make your money go further on the road. Even small savings can add up, whether it’s opting for budget-friendly hostels in Australia or simply packing snacks for a day of exploring. The key is to be mindful of your spending and prioritize what matters most to you. Remember, travel is an investment in yourself, and smart financial choices can maximize your return.

As well as the physical essentials like a mobile phone, a plan and written confirmation of the places you are staying, and physical cash, watching your budget will help you implement better money-saving measures for when you return from your trip too, or if you’re adept at saving. You can work and travel and may even have enough money to go to Australia and New Zealand instead of just one. 

Traveling To Australia

The land down under is an extraordinary place to visit, and if you are looking to travel, we’d recommend at least three months to see it properly. Australia is one of the planet’s biggest islands, and flying from Sydney to Perth is the equivalent of flying across Europe. There’s the beauty of Uluru in the outback or Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns, three very different places right up the east coast. 

Between these places, there’s an array of beautiful beaches, coastal towns, surf lifestyles, and tropical rainforests to explore. The west coast is the same, renowned for its incredible scenery, thousands of miles of coast, and beautiful coastal towns. The agriculture, aboriginal culture, and outer islands like Tasmania are also worth a visit – and there’s an incredible amount of ground to cover, which is why we recommend taking months to see it in all of its glory.

Travelling To New Zealand

On the other hand, about a three-hour flight from the Australian east coast, New Zealand has an entirely different climate. While it has multiple beaches, high living standards, and a high quality of life, much like its Aussie neighbors – New Zealand has a colder climate from April to September and has a different landscape. 

So many TV and film companies decided to shoot in New Zealand: the beautiful green countryside, the sprawling snowy mountainous landscape, and the population sparsity make it an attractive proposition. Travelers can also explore the cities and towns, all of which will have something to offer. Australia and New Zealand are similar in that they celebrate a lot of their indigenous culture, with Maori cultures taking a vital role in the development of New Zealand and protected by the current laws of the land. 


Ultimately, it depends on what you are looking for. Australia is a better option if you want a hotter climate and have more time to explore, simply down to the country’s sheer size. If you’d rather explore the serenity of the mountains and green countryside, then New Zealand is your best option. 

It’s hard to pick between them because they are both so beautiful and different in equal measure. Your personal preference should be what drives the decision, but ensuring you make an informed one based on digesting various resources before you book your travel is the most important.

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