Travel in Style: Luxurious Holidays in Egypt

Egypt’s ancient historical significance prompts many from around the world to travel miles and miles just to be within touching distance of some of the most famed sites and sights on the planet. Egypt is perfect for holidays with friends and family but for those wishing to travel independently, the country opens up into the experience of a lifetime.

Where do you start within this sanctuary of architectural tradition? Egypt’s capital city is Cairo, a densely populated metropolis that sits on the River Nile. Though Egypt contains strong links to its past, Cairo exhibits a much more contemporary feel and embraces consumerism with its selection of malls, cinemas, amusement parks and other popular entertainment venues. Culture is embraced through establishments such as Cairo Opera House and the Egyptian Museum, which holds many of the nation’s rich artefacts. Make sure you hire a felucca to serenely take you down the River Nile under Cairo’s warm glow as it can be quite an experience.

A little outside of Cairo is where many tourists will flock to receive that money shot. The Pyramids of Giza are the last remaining monuments of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World and tell of a decorated history with their stunning designs and tombs. The Sphinx sits nearby and this is a perfect opportunity to click away on your camera, capturing these priceless moments forever.

Alexandria holds strong cultural links as well and is one of Egypt’s many seaports. The great city was founded by Alexander the Great and continues to motor today as a busy port for Egypt’s bustling economy and industry. The Citadel of Qaitbay is a fantastic fortress, worth the admission price due to its prime location and history. There are many museums documenting the country’s proud history but none as special as Montazah Palace, an old palace building that now houses ancient artefacts.

Egypt is a top destination for holidays and places like Luxor and Sharm el-Sheikh are two of the largest tourist-populated areas in the country, both featuring a selection of traditionally Egyptian hotels and restaurants/bars, serving food such as baba ganoush, an Aubergine pie and a local delicacy. Sharm is well known for its diving locations such as the reefs of Tiran and Ras Mohammed, which both offer stupendous diving opportunities revolving around old shipwrecks. Luxor engages in a more traditional outlook and is featured near the Valley of the Kings, a rousing final resting place for some of the greatest pharaohs of Egypt and holds the renowned Tomb of Tutankhamen.

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  1. Those monuments were already millennia old at Julius Caesar’s age! Amazing

  2. Don’t take me wrong: while travelling you should always be careful and avoid unnecessary risk. But travelling in Egypt is absolutely safe. I have been there shortly after Mubarak’s removal, mostly in Cairo and Alexandria. There were a few clashes, but as a traveller I never had anything to fear.

  3. also in our travel bucket list. but since it’s been quite unsafe recently we had to postpone this for the next time. 🙁

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