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The speed at which technology is changing and advancing means that there are continuous changes to the advice and suggestions for your essential travel tech options. This article hopes to provide you with the most up to date advice and the top tech travel tips to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it on your next trip. Travel is once again a dominant form of entertainment and fun and these tips will ensure that you enjoy your to the max.

A Smart Phone

This is generally the most important piece of tech to take with you on any trip or travel adventure. As long as you have an up-to-date model of phone and the requisite amount of memory, then the handheld smart phone will serve as a means of communication, a camera, GPS and map as well as translator, entertainment and media hub. It is the quintessential travel tech that all modern travelers will need to have with them and in great working condition. Ensure that you have all the accessories, charger and external power bank.

a man with smart phone
Tourist man talking at the phone in the city center during his trip in italy, selective focus and square image

A Laptop

If you have the space in your hand luggage, the next most wanted tech on a holiday, short city break or long trip, is the laptop. It provides a means to be at work while on your trip as we exploit the new normal ways of hybrid and remote working. Watching movies, social media and work requirements are all part of the reason the laptop is a must have for travelers.

laptop while travelling
Working remotely on the laptop computer through the internet.


As long as you intend to engage with your media and entertainment on your next trip, you will need a good set of headphones. No one else on your travels wants to be able to listen to your entertainment or conversations so a good earpiece, earphones or headphones and headset so that you can communicate in private.

Travel with headphones

Additional considerations


There will likely be WIFI in the major transport hubs and in transit and on the way, but you will need to make sure that you have sufficient data to be able to access the internet and interact online.

Charger and batteries

There may be different electrical connections and plug points where you travel and you should thus take your own electrical connections and do your research to take the correct power cables and adaptors to be able to charge all your devices. Alternatively, take a few additional batteries and power banks so that you always have the power to be connected. Then simply remember to charge these additional devices wherever and whenever you can.

Online gaming apps

You should download and simplify the selection process for all your online apps and games before you travel. Choose the best sites to take with you as you will surely need some entertainment for the downtime between travel and any planned activities.

Additional storage

If you’re going to be watching movies and taking loads of photos then you may need to take some additional storage with you to ensure that you have sufficient memory space and don’t have to start deleting older items along the way.

Traveling with your technology is part of the modern way, and as such you should ensure that you have done all your pre travel checks and planned ahead to have the right technology with you at all times.

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