Top 10 Things To Do in Beirut

You are all set to set out on the most thrilling adventure of your life – a vacation in Beirut!

You must be beaming with excitement as you are about to explore the jewel of Lebanon. But wait, you just realised that you need a guide to show you around. Do not worry. I am going to show you a few places you can head on to for some fun and how to find them!

Now, come with me as we take a look at the top 10 things to do in Beirut.

Going back to the Ancient

If the sarcophagi carved in marble doesn’t convince you, then nothing else in the National Museum will. This carving was created way back from the times of Tyre, and it has become one of the main attractions of tourists to the city.


The market in downtown Beirut is a large market, and it has been in existence for over 5,000 years! I am still in awe about this, and I am 100% sure that you would be too.

The market is called Beirut Souks, and it houses many luxury brands that you can think off today.

The flea market opens on Sundays only and you can get all kinds of antiques, oriental jewellery, and lots more for a cheaper price.

Beirut Souks

The nightlife of Mar Mikhael

If you have nothing to do in the city, all hope isn’t lost yet. Pubs and clubs are rare in an Arabic city. However, the district of Mar Mikhael has done well to create a lively celebration of the hipster culture in the city.

There is graffiti on walls with loads of people buzzing around and having the time of their lives.

Road trip to Byblos

If you are with a significant other, a road trip through the world’s first Phoenician city is a great way to spice things up. Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, and many more civilizations have occupied this city at some point, and there is no doubt that you are going to become a part of that history once you step into the city.

The great Baalbek

The roman temple; Bacchus, is an 1800-year-old structure, built in this city and has withstood the test of time. It was built in honour of the Roman wine god, and it is a great tourist attraction site today.

If you love architecture and large beams, this is the place for you! And besides, you don’t even have to pay an entry fee to view this majestic structure.

Baalbek Beirut


This is one of the oldest parts of the city, and it is a nice place to take a walk and explore the artistic buildings it contains. It is located at the eastern downtown of Beirut, and several old French manors would catch your eye.

And to top it all up, you can head on to the Metropolis Sofil to enjoy an art film. It is the only arthouse cinema in the city so you can’t miss it.

Paying homage to the Tourist landmark of resistance

It is important to know that this great city has been through times of war and chaos. However, the museum did well to keep some fragments and other artefacts saved from the war. It would be a great opportunity for you to have a glimpse at what the Lebanese people went through.

Local wine tasting

This is not some fancy wine tasting event or party that I would have to put on a tux to attend. On the contrary, it is just an avenue for you to have a taste of the fine brew of the city. You would be taken on a tour of the winery and you would have the chance to taste freshly brewed wine. Now that’s a combo that would be hard to beat.

Viewing pigeon rock

A wee bit off the coast of Raouche are some rock formations poking out of the water. They are called the pigeon rocks and they are a popular attraction for both tourists and locals alike. To me, the rocks are not as special as I might want you to believe. But, I wouldn’t trade the view of the horizon, from the edge of the cliff, for anything else out there! It is a view to travel long miles to see.

pigeon rock beirut

Sursock Museum

I know that there are a lot of museums in this city. However, I would be wrong if I didn’t tell you about the Sursock Museum. It is beautiful and filled with several exhibits, but compares to its external architecture!

Sursock Museum beirut

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  1. This was really insightful! – A place full of history! Ironically I saw a video on the Temple of Baalbek. Absolutely fascinating. I had no idea it was built in honour of the Roman wine god!

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