3 Unmissable Summer Ski Resorts in Chile, France and United States

Summer skiing is the ultimate confusion for a lot of people: a snow sport in July? Surely not? Trust me, it happens and it’s big business. Treat yourself to the ultimate self-indulgence. It’s like having an ice lolly in the bath or Christmas on the beach, so strange, yet so good.

The Alternative: Ski Portillo, Los Andes – Chile

Ski Portillo, Chile (photo by Luciano Annes Nunes)

The winter season for Chile runs from July to October, why not take advantage of it by staying in the big yellow hotel in the middle of nowhere?

Located 100 miles from Santiago, this old-school location was the first South American resort to host the World Skiing Championships in 1966 and with spectacular views of the craggy Andes Mountains and the Laguna Del Inca, Ski Portillo is the best destination for South American summer skiing.

Ski Portillo has 28 miles of groomed runs which are accessed by chair and drag lifts and although it caters for skiers of all abilities it is a favourite resort for the more extreme and experienced skier. Famous for the steep terrain and off-piste backcountry areas, this is the place to be if you’re a mould-breaker on the slopes.

The unique Ski Portillo only accommodates 400 guests at a time which means you can spend most of your time skiing and not waiting in queues for the lifts.

Another one of the most attractive things about this resort, alongside the non-existent queues and the secluded secret club feel that it gives off is the fact that there aren’t any commercialized retail areas or coffee shops to break up the idyllic setting of this beautiful resort.

The Value for Money: Les Deux Alpes – France

Now for a French addition to the list; Les Deux Alpes is one of the largest summer ski areas in Europe and is notoriously great value for money. €3 hot chocolate anyone? With 225 kilometres of pistes, 92 runs and 56 lifts with passes at around €200 for six days and airport transfers to and from Grenoble airport costing the equivalent of about £20, you definitely get your money’s worth here.

Les 2 Alpes is a child friendly resort that runs six-day ski camps throughout the summer and is also equipped with a snow park jam-packed full of snow skate zones, a cool zone, a half pipe and a smaller pipe for beginners.

There’s a nearby selection of great hotels to suit all price ranges, the Côte Brune is at the lower end of the price range with a double B&B room from £87 all the way up to the Chalet Mounier at £159 for a double B&B.

The Movie Setting: Timberline Lodge – Oregon

Timberline Lodge, Oregon (photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)

An American resort all set to offer their two cents to the summer ski pile is Timberline Lodge in Oregon, a resort which opens for summer between late May and early September, making it the longest running season in North America. With stunning views of Mount Hood and movie-credentials for being the exterior setting for Stephen King’s The Shining, this is a popular summer ski resort. The Timberline Lodge Resort offers full-day skiing lessons for kids and is reviewed to be a very child friendly resort with warm, comfortable rooms.

Of course there are many more amazing summer ski resorts but these were a great few from a really good selection! Where’s your favourite summer ski resort? Let us know in the comments below.

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