Whatever Happens in Thailand – A Journey Worth Sharing

Unlike Vegas, whatever happens in Thailand should be shared with the world. Hence, the reason we had to return to explore the beauty of this country after our first, but short trip which lasted only a weekend.

Upon arrival at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, we were greeted by the warm weather, away from the wet and rainy autumn weather in the United Kingdom. From that moment, till we returned to the airport for our flight home, it was nothing but an abundance of fun.

The first evening, we specially ordered a traditional Thai meal. What better way to get accustomed to a country than trying a piece of its typical cuisine. What we had was a Thai soup and salad just to get our systems adjusted; but it was a bowl of extreme deliciousness.

Thai food - Thailand

Having tried different types of soup from both worlds as a Eurasian; I am half British and half Chinese, this one stood out. It had a distinctive nice aroma and the aftertaste gives you the feel-good jitters, even long after you have devoured the course. We ended up trying lots of other Thai dishes during our stay and weren’t disappointed.

The next day, we started our exploration of Bangkok. One thing which really struck a chord was the fact that one minute, you feel you are in a modern, 21st century world; but the next minute it feels like you are taking a trip back to history and ancient beauty with a time machine. The two worlds interweave so seamlessly and it was a beauty to behold.

Grand Palace - Bangkok, Thailand

We visited the magnificent, breathtaking and architectural masterpiece called the Grand Palace. It housed Thai Kings for hundreds of years and is now home to government buildings and temples. I got the unexplainable nostalgic feel of being in Asia, which I have been to several times and also the déjà vu effect from visiting the historical churches in Europe. All in all, it was a great feeling.

We were blown but not carried away; we proceeded to the floating market where a full and thriving market exists literally on water. Here you could purchase everything from souvenirs to fresh vegetables and fruits. Heck, you could even dine on a floating restaurant.

Bangkok, Thailand

One great way of exploring the rest of Bangkok, provided you find an expert guide like we did, is by the famous tuk-tuk. We explored like a local, visiting a host of attractions like the Phra Sumera Fortress, Amulet Market, Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Thieves Market and the colorful flower market at Dheves.

The highlight of our trip was reserved for Koh Phangan. Simply put, this is a paradise on earth with its stunning nature, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. From relaxing on the beach, to visiting the waterfalls and taking a swim, walking through the jungle, riding on elephants, attending a Thai boxing game, getting a Thai massage and even diving; we did them all.

Koh Phangan

The peak was the Full Moon Party where we had a lot of fun and met lots of people from all over the world. However, ‘whatever happens at the full-moon party stays at the full moon party’.

One thing is certain; we have not seen the last of this country and will be completing our ‘Thai trilogy’ in the near future.

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