Where to Go to Enjoy the Best of South Australia’s Food and Wine Culture

South Australia is a cornucopia of delicious foods and wines. It’s bursting with fresh produce, boutique wineries, and amazing restaurants with chefs who know just how to match everything to perfection on the palate.

In terms of wine, the region – made up of a number of separate wine-producing areas – offers everything from cool, breezy Riesling to full-bodied, punchy Shiraz. Over the centuries, modern Australian cuisine has been influenced by the influx of migrants from the rest of Europe and Asia. In all, it is a real mixture of the foods brought from Britain and dishes created by the indigenous population and using the abundance of local foodstuffs.

Vineyards - Australia

Let’s take a look at the best places to sample the food and wine culture in South Australia.


For an urbanized version of Australian cuisine, head to vibrant Adelaide. Here, you’ll get a greater sense of how local food has drawn upon flavours from waves of immigrants and the surrounding countries, particularly South East Asia.

Head to the Central Market from Tuesdays to Saturdays. This 140-year old institution gathers produce from around the world, but you can it home and serve it with an Australian wine! There are loads of wineries surrounding the city in the Adelaide Hills, and even some cellar doors in the city itself.

Noarlungha Pier - Adelaide, Australia

Kangaroo Island

For a condensed taste of South Australian life, you can’t beat pretty Kangaroo Island. Originally home to settlers who herded sheep, the wool trade collapsed and now some of the local industries include abalone and oyster farming, as well as beekeeping.

Will’s Rare Breeds Farm raises 27 varieties of pig, sheep, cattle and poultry. It’s definitely not the kind of thing you’ll get in a supermarket. Ligurian bees were introduced here in 1884 and there are now two flourishing honey producers on the island. At Island Beekeeping, you can taste and buy six different types of honey, their flavours influenced by the seasonal changes and local flowers.

The island is also a fantastic place for salmon and marron (a crayfish-like crustacean). Eat ”the world’s best fish and chips” at Fish, in Penneshaw. Head to Snellings Beach for seafood and some lovely eateries. Spoiled for choice? Always choose the King George whiting.

Stokes Bay - Kangaroo Island, Australia


The Barossa Valley is bursting with big players. In terms of wines, some of the biggest producers in the country have vines here.

Stop in at the Barossa Valley Cheese Company for a tasting and treat yourself to an unforgettable meal at the Louise. The Saturday farmers’ market is a delight and be sure to check out the Barossa Breakfast Rave – a sustainable breakfast feast which pops up in venues from railways stations to wineries.

Barossa Valley, Australia

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