Satiate Your Adventurous Self on a Road Trip from Berlin to Paris

Normally, driving from Berlin to Paris takes about 10 hours, but the road has such a spectacular display that you may want to lengthen the trip to a few days in the least, if time permits. Though these two capitals are connected by means other than road, the cheapest and most practical option while you are on a budget-trip with a few friends, is by driving.

Stop Along the Way

Taking a few stops gives you an opportunity to uncover the hidden thrills waiting to be discovered along your chosen route. It also showcases the essence of Europe, something you can experience only by driving along lesser-known locales, some of which include:


Dresden, offering the most stunning display of Baroque architecture, is located on the Elbe River. Walk along Bruhl’s Terrace to stretch your legs and view the city skyline from Neustadt. Rollerblade or row little boats on the Carolasee for another unique experience.


Your second stop should be Nuremberg, where a must visit is the Dolphinarium, if you want to see something rare. Climbing enthusiasts will be pleased with the availability of indoor and outdoor climbing facilities.


Being a student city, numerous affordable bars and cafes sprawl across Heidelberg. Don’t miss the prospect of crashing a student party. The nearby hills offer spectacular hiking opportunities. If you are feeling adventurous, climb Heaven’s Ladder, a 1200 step stairway ending at 890ft to Konigstuhl, and explore a hidden castle.

Dresden, Germany

Get Lost in the Magic of Paris

From uber-hip Berlin to Romantic Paris, your exciting journey doesn’t have to stop here. Besides the famed monuments and usual to-do things in the metropolitan, a plethora of young and hippie options available include:

· Paris Ghost Tour – Taking you through murders, executions, assassinations, cannibalism and satanism, this tour starts every Friday and Saturday night from O’Sullivans Rebel Bar. It is a must-do.

· Le Musee des Vampires – Vampire Museum is located on the outskirts of Paris and is by appointment only. For mythology freaks, this private museum is a haven dedicated to spooky vampire folklore and their place in modernity.

· Cabaret Shows – Don’t miss out the chance of viewing the greatest Cabaret shows in the world like Moulin Rouge, Lido and Crazy Horse.

· Deyrolle – Though it’s a shop, it isn’t uncommon to simply walk into this legendary Parisian store and view the spectacularly preserved exotic taxidermy specimens.

This journey showcases the bygone era of WWII and offers numerous activities for those seeking ecstasy. Apart from these places, you could stopover elsewhere and seek different adventures to satiate your adventurous spirit.

Paris Symbols

Useful information

Distance:  1059.20km
Best Time:  May-October see a variety of festivals and events, making it an ideal time for your road trip.
What to Bring:  Sunscreen, water, a map and an adventurous spirit.
Best Mode of Transport: by car

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