Sailing in Belize – Snorkeling, Coral Reefs and Sea Cows

Belize is world renown for its crystal clear waters, the amazing sea bottoms and the second largest coral reef in the world (after the Australian one).

The best way to enjoy this incredible sea environment is to set out with a small ship and sail among cayos, corals, fishes and stunning waters. Discovering Belize by boat allows to delve into a simple yet exotic atmosphere. And I’m not talking about luxurious cruises here…

Sailing in Belize

Starting from all backpackers’ favourite destination, Caye Caulker, I jumped on a barren boat with a dozen travel companions. Once in my swimsuit I didn’t wear anything else during the three-day trip which would have led me to Placencia, a place in the south of Beliza and its only wide white beach.

Sailing in Belize

Time flowed slowly, although every day was quite busy: my major duty had always been gazing at the incredible landscape and at its superb colours, but other funny activities involved fishing and discovering the coral reef whenever the sailing took a break.

Sometimes the boat would stop in waters that clear and quite, they almost seemed fake. We would jump out to enjoy some snorkeling among barracudas, octopuses, clown fishes and many others.

One of our water adventures also included the search for to rare manatee. We spread in a spot known for its presence and suddenly… here it is! A three-metre giant of about 500 kilos floating just a few metres from me, and it started swimming around me in a playful and funny fashion!

Sailing in Belize

In the evening the boat landed on a cayo, but such a tiny one it had not even a name. The small island was large as a basketball field, surrounded by the coral reef and kilometres away from anything else. Of course, there were no toilets, showers nor lights, but inebriated by an adventurous feeling we set our tents among the palm trees and the beach.

The stars lighted up our evening while we dug in excellent seafood and amusing travel stories. A tropical storm washed our tents during the night, but the next day we were ready to sail again and eager to discover more incredible places.

Sailing in Belize

Exploring Belize through its sea was a wonderful experience, especially since I did in a discreet way, staying in touch with its powerful and overwhelming natural side.

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