Road Trip Idea – Discover Northern Spain

The north of Spain is a spectacular area to visit. It is littered with beautiful beaches, mountainous terrain, lots of sites and great food.



The capital of this area is known as Oviedo and is famous for its festivals and lively ambience during the year. One of the most popular events in the calendar is that of San Mateo in September, where the area becomes alive with outdoor activities.

Around the coastline there are a number of quaint ports which are pretty pit stops on your travels. Visit Ribadesella, an attractive fishing port, filled with some great bars and restaurants within its labyrinth layout. Be sure to try out the fresh fish dishes such as “centolla” (crab) and “lubina” (sea bass), just to name a few.



Cantabria is centred on the city named Santander, a modern and elegant capital. Belonging to “Green Spain” or the Costa Verde as it is well known as, this region is filled with a lush terrain and vegetation. There is an array of activities to choose from such as visiting the beach to bird watching or wondering through historical sites. From is rich ambience it is also a great place to enjoy a bit of pampering and luxury such as spa visits, a wonder around the quaint boutiques and gourmet dinners.


This area is ideal for an all-round visit. It has beautiful beaches, avant-garde architecture and some of the world’s finest food. It plays host to some stunning coastal destinations with well-known pit stops such as: San Sebastián, Zarautz and Getxo, as well as further inland cities including Vitoria and Bilbao. For a bit of modern culture, take a trip to Bilbao and visit the innovative Guggnheim Museum and the Kursaal Auditorium in San Sebastián which plays host to the International Film Festival each year.

To ensure that you get to see all that Northern Spain has to offer, rent a car from Avis to help you get around on your explorations. If you are looking for sites, sea and a bit of sunny adventure, this is definitely the place for you.


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