Partanna and Salemi – Sicily’s Rural Inland

It’s not  just the sea. Sicily‘s inland has a charming side which any visitor should see. I discovered it thanks to Rural Pride – a project aimed to promoting rural tourism with the collaboration of bloggers and local entrepreneurs – but me too I have to admit it came as a surprise.


Partanna is a lovely town on the hills of the island’s western part. In 1968 it suffered from a terrible earthquake, but now it is back to its former beauty and offers an amazing panoramic view from its slopes, several magnificent churches and a castle called Grifeo.

I was impressed also by the underground area, where the people used to store snow in order to make granita (as they apparently learned by the Arabs). And still underground are an ancient cellar with its huge 18th century barrels and a stable now turned into a conference hall.


Another hill town allowing to admire the surrounding landscape, another town rebuilt after the earthquake. The historic centre hosts and incredible collection of ancient houses and churches, and the tender light highlighting them produces a surreal, timeless atmosphere.

One of the most extraordinary examples of architecture is the Mother Church, built from 1300 to 1829 over a pagan temple. In the ancient belfry a clock used to play at midnight with 100 and one tolls.

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