MINT Stroller by ABC Design – The Review

Anyone who has young kids knows that the stroller they use is one of the most important purchases they will make. The right stroller keeps the little one safe and comfortable while also allowing the parents the freedom of getting out to travel with their youngster whenever they want to.

We took a look at the MINT strollers by ABC Design to see how it stands up to the challenge of a busy lifestyle and a bit of adventure.

Seating/ Standing Options

It offers a comfortable sitting position, with a fully reclinable seat that is big enough even for our very tall 3.5 year old to use. There is also a Kiddie Board add on for the older child, which is easy to fit and use when needed.

How is it too push?

The MINT stroller is very smooth and easy to push. The stroller is lightweight so it requires almost no effort to push. Although it is lightweight, the wheels are big enough that it glides over any rough terrain or cobbled streets without any fuss.

We’ve used it off road in the New Forest and it actually was surprisingly easy to push even though it hasn’t got all terrain wheels.

How does it travel?

We’ve taken it on two flights within Europe and it travelled very well. This is partly because it’s easy to fold down and also because it is tough and durable.

How does it fold?

The folding system on the MINT is a little bit unusual, as you pull a red strap on the seat that releases the folding mechanism. It is very smooth and once you get the hang of it you can do it with one hand without any problems at all.

Does it fit in the boot of the car?

Yes it fits easily in the boot of our Fiat 500 L car. I think it would easily fit in smaller cars as well because you have the option to easily take off all four wheels. Doing this makes the frame of the stroller much smaller.

How comfortable is it for the little ones?

Even though the pushchair is made of very lightweight materials and there isn’t much padding it’s very comfortable. The seating position is very good and there is the option of reclining, with different positions for sleeping.

Both our tall 2 year old and 3.5 year slept well in the stroller. Also, the sun hood is large and provides good coverage even with the seat fully reclined.

How easily can you interact with your little ones?

The stroller is only forward facing but there is a mesh window on the sun hood which allows you to look down at your child and check they are ok whilst you are pushing.

What is the basket like?

The stroller has a large basket that is very accessible, making it perfect for travelling with.

Is it travel system compatible?

Yes it is travel system compatible with ABC Design Hazel,  ABC Design Doozy Cybex Aton, Aton M, Aton 5, Aton Q, Aton Q Plus, Aton Q i-size, Cloud Q, Cloud Q Plus kiddy Evolution pro, Evolution pro 2, Evolunafix, Maxi Cosi Citi, CabrioFix, Pebble, Pebble Plus

Which accessories are worth using?

The accessory we used mainly was the MINT organizer, which was extremely useful. I wish we had one of these on our other strollers. It’s perfect for the all the little things you need to have on hand when out and about with kids; tissues, drinks, dummies and food. Everything is easily accessible without having to bend down.

The Kiddie Ride on was the other accessory we used and this is ideal for older toddlers, as they feel very grown up using this. It is easy to fit and take off. When not in use it fits comfortably in the basket.

Was it easy to put together?

Yes, very easy. To be honest, we didn’t even look at the instructions.

Thinking Nomads Verdict? 5 *****

Overall, you get a very well made stylish stroller for a reasonable price (300 euros). It fits the need for a stroller that is both lightweight and functional.

There are enough accessories and is travels easily. In addition, the MINT stroller is big enough for both our daughters (2 year old and 3.5 year old) to take their afternoon naps comfortably. We are so pleased with this stroller that we will use it on our 6 month trip to Asia.

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