Making Memories in Montego Bay – Top 10 Things to Do

Jamaica is the land of sand and surf with friendly people around every corner and a festive mood all around. Montego Bay, the country’s second biggest city, offers a bit of the best of Jamaica. There are thousands of fun things to do ranging from sightseeing to experiencing the mystic Rastafarian life firsthand. Here is an overview of the top ten things to do in Montego Bay.

1 – Bask in the Sun

Jamaican beaches are beautiful; the blue, welcoming water and white, soft sand are irresistible. The best beach in Montego Bay is Doctor’s Cave Beach. Its shape helps the water remain calm most of the time, and the sun is always shining here. The water is warm and clean, and the beach’s popularity with people means that there are always people to have fun with. Additionally, there are hotels all around that sell delicious foods and drinks and make your stay comfortable.

2 – Visit the Rose Hall Great House

Legend has it that the Rose Hall Great House was the abode of Annie Palmer, the dreaded white witch. The witch ruled from her house with cruelty, and the black magic that she performed filled the house. Apparently, she was so evil that her witchery was the cause of her husband’s demise.

The Rose Hall Great House was built in 1770 and it still stands in perfect condition. Visit the house and learn more about its dreaded owner.

3 – Go for a Zipline Adventure Tour

A zipline adventure tour will thrill you if you are an outdoors person. It is a fun and immersing sport that takes you on a tour of the city’s mountains and forests. The tour guides will take you to the mountains in a 6×6 pinzgauer. You will get to explore much of the landscape on the way, and it will rouse your quest for adventure. The guides will then teach you how to play the sport and set you winging on some of the longest ziplines in the Caribbean; the view from above is fantastic.

4 – Experience Rastafarianism

Rastafarianism: a mystique and highly misunderstood lifestyle. It is even considered a religion by many people who practice it. It claims roots to the Solomon era, and it thrives best in Jamaica. Montego Bay is not short of Rastafarians, and there is even a sort-of village where tourists go to interact with Rastafarians. It is a sort of a theme park that portrays all the aspects of the lifestyle (including, yes, the ‘holy herb’).

5 – Rafting

The Martha Brae river than runs across Montego Bay is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The river is ideal for rafting thanks to its twists and turns, and you can raft as far as 5 kilometers. What’s more, the scenery along the river is exotic and the air is clean and fresh thanks to the surrounding trees. A rafting tour also comes with a visit to a medicinal herb garden.

6 – Explore Western Jamaica’s History

Western Jamaica has an interesting history that is all maintained at the National Museum West. The museum displays artifacts from momentous moments such as the arrival of the Spanish and the Cohaba ceremonies practiced by the indigenous Tainos people. The museum is very elaborate and detailed, and guides delve into every detail to make your tour wholesome.

7 – Live Up

There is no party like a Jamaican party. The country is popular for its captivating dancehall jams and good old reggae music. What’s more, there are clubs all over the city. The nightlife here is abuzz with parties and drinking, and the local will make your experience a memorable one. Drinks are plenty and cheap and different clubs have different settings; visit a local pub for an up-close experience with the locals or one of the high-end clubs to experience the best of Jamaica’s parties. 

8 – Enjoy the Cuisine

Jamaica is a fertile island with lots of foods, fruits, and delicacies to offer. What’s more, Jamaicans are very good at cooking and the menu is incredibly vast. Take time to enjoy some of the local delicacies in food stalls along the streets or restaurants in the city. For a serene experience, book a spot in a houseboat restaurant to have a delicious Jamaican meal at sea; Montego Bay Freeport has the best houseboat restaurants. 

9 – Explore the Beauty Beneath the Water

Jamaican reefs are just as beautiful as the island. The waters harbor beautiful coral reefs that have been in the making for thousands of years. The water is also teeming with all sorts of aquatic life ranging from the ordinary sardines to bizarre-looking octopuses. Book with one of the snorkeling or scuba diving guides to explore the marvelous reefs.

10 – Bird Watching

Jamaica is home to some of the world’s rarest and exotic birds. In Montego Bay, you can get a close-up look at some of these birds at the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary. You are even allowed to hand-feed the exotic birds. 

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