Lucern, Switzerland’s Gorgeous Gem

In my opinion, there are two kinds of travellers: two one looking for hot temperatures even in winter and the one enjoying the magic sensations offered by the Frost Wizard. I am no doubt part of the latter and I love those places able to exalt winter time with their beauty. Once of them is Lucern in Switzerland.

I ended up there almost casually when I lived in Switzerland: it was close and had an interesting winter charm. I didn’t know much about Lucern until then, but I knew the story of the Kapellbrücke, that wooden bridge connecting the two Ruess riverbanks right where the river ends in the Four Cantons Lake.

The bridge has been rebuilt many times, every time in its exact original Medieval form. I loved it and would cross it several times every day.

The old town is surrounded by its walls and the lake and it’s a marvellous gem of little alleys and interesting shops. Keep eyes and nose wide open because here bakeries and cheese shops are able to satisfy any taste. And if the many smells make you hungry, I suggest you to fill up at a table in the Spycher Fondue House.

Swiss people love fondue, and not only the one made with cheese. Fondue bourguignonne is made with small meat pieces and it’s prepared in boiling oil. Fondue chinoise is still with meat, but the cut is carpaccio and it’s cooked in a boiling soup. My favourite fondues are the one made with Vacherin – an amazing cheese – and chinoise. Just thinking of it makes me miss Switzerland!

But Lucern is much more than just great food: the town hides some corners of great art. The Rosengart Collection, for example, hosts many works from Paul Klee and it’s an unmissable experience.


Lucern makes me feel good every time. It’s easy to love this town, and it’s impossible to forget it. And if your visit allows it, take the cable car and reach Rigi Mountain for its breathtaking sight: you will feel as holding all Switzerland in your hand.

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