Ljubljana, Lake Bled and Postojna Cave – Slovenia

On the border with Croatia, Slovenia is land with idillic landscapes, almost fairy-tale. Among the many places worth a visit in Slovenia, three are in the wish list of every traveller who ever heard of this country.

Postojna Cave

The first site I want to describe you is the Postojna Cave.

Since over a century millions of visitors coming from all over the world walk over the 20-kilometre long cave and admire the stalagmites and stalactites that create spectacular shapes, the work of the streams’ endless excavation.

Grotte Postunia, Slovenia (Foto em_j_bishop)

The cave will offer you a unique atmosphere, the quite only interrupted by the irregular dripping of the water streaming in the country’s bowels. But if you prefer the marvels built by man the place ti be is Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana.


Crossed by the river it owns its name – Ljublanjca – this town is rich with cultural entertainments, precious examples of Baroque art and a wide range of elegant and modern bars and cafés.

Walking on the brick roads of the city centre, featuring shops and traditional boutiques, small restaurants offering the local specialties and bars, is always a charming experience.


If you are travelling in winter, don’t miss the chance to gaze at Ljubljana from above, with the snowy peaks in the background.

In order to enjoy such sight you may walk on a steep slope for about 20 minutes, or take the futuristic glass cableway (4 euros for a two-way trip) and reach Ljubljana’s castle. The building towers the city from its peak and the visitors can enter in several rooms, including an exhibition of Slovenian history, the prison and the a virtual representation of the castle itself.

Lake Bled

The third option is an interesting half-way solution: Bled. Its lake is a true natural wonder. This town combines cultural experiences to the a beautiful castle with outdoor activities as canyoning, kayak, trekking an mountain bike.

The best time of the year to visit this corner of Slovenia is springtime or autumn, while it’s not yet too hot and mass tourism is still far. The pedestrian way along the lake is a joyful experience as precious as a slice of the famous Bled cream cake.

If you have a car and enough time you should also visit the small alpine lake of Bohinj or the Triglav National Park, an idyllic place for relaxation and quite trips.

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