Why you should learn English in Malta

For all those who are lovers of travel, have you ever thought about combining your holiday with an English course at the same time? Not only do you get to explore the new country and culture but you can also come back home with a new found confidence in a new language.

Many people are wanting to learn or improve their English – whether for work, travel or just to make more English-speaking friends. However, what many don’t realise is that England is not the only great place to learn English. The beautiful island of Malta, located on the Mediterranean Sea, is a fantastic option for those who want all the benefits of being in an English-speaking country but don’t want to face the dreary London rain. Because of Malta’s location, its weather is incredible all year-round with pleasantly warm temperatures in autumn and winter and hot sunshine in the summer. Due to the island’s colonial past, English is an official language there and there are many language schools on the island which offer you great courses for those who love learning whilst travelling.


If you choose to holiday in an English-speaking country then there is no doubt that Malta is the best place you can go to. An agency which specialises in organising language trips, Sprachdirekt, has had continuous success with sending students to Malta to learn English. They have a school there which has been rated as one of the best in Malta and the only school with certified British native speakers who teach you in small groups. It is not your “typical” school in any sense, because during your time there, you get the chance to participate in some fantastic cultural excursions and activities to see Malta and the neighbouring islands as well as the chance to try many water sports on the coast of the island! The school also offers its own private terrace and swimming pool so for those hot, lazy days, you can just relax and take in the wonderful scenery and maybe practice your new English skills with other students.

There are English language courses offered for all levels and ages: whether you wish to do an adult, junior or family course – there is a vast amount of choice and Sprachdirekt makes sure to personalise your trip as much as possible so you can get the most out of your time and have an unforgettable trip! There are also a very good range of accommodation options such as residence stays, hotels or the most popular one is to stay with a host family where you can practice your English and stay in a nice, homely environment. This is all organised according to your preferences so they will be able to find the perfect option for you.


Right now, they are also offering you a chance to WIN an English language course in Malta, to celebrate the recent EAQUALS award the school has been awarded for its excellence in teaching. It is very easy to enter – just guess how many grams the cake weighs and maybe it could be you, jetting off to this sunny paradise to learn English!

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