Koh Lanta (Thailand) With Toddlers: Our Experience

We recently discovered that Thailand can be the perfect place for a relaxing yet exciting family break. This friendly, welcoming country is filled with so many outstanding sights and things to do that it is one of the world’s hottest travel destinations. There is an abundance of hotels in Thailand, but as with any trip with kids, finding the right one is crucial. 

We were delighted when we got to the luxurious Crown Lanta Resort on Koh Lanta island. Set on a stunning peninsula and with a beautiful private beach, this is somewhere that anyone of any age can feel as though they are truly in paradise.

We always worry a little in advance about whether there will be enough to keep the grown-ups and the kids happy. Thankfully, this place had something for everyone to enjoy. From the Infinity Spa to the Reggae Bar, the Private Pool Room, the mini kayak tours and the delightful beach, we all found ways to have a wonderful time.

This is a stylish 5 star resort but there is a relaxed, friendly feel to it that makes it very welcoming too. We were made to feel right at home from the moment we arrived to the moment we left.

Getting There Was Easy

The secluded location was probably the best thing about Crown Lanta for us. However, we did wonder whether getting there in the first place was going to turn into an odyssey. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case at all.

Despite it being secluded, it is very easy to get to Koh Lanta island from the mainland. There is a good connection using the ferry and bridge.This island is in the Krabi province in the south of Thailand. The quickest way to get there is to fly into Krabi Airport and from there use a minivan, then a car ferry transfer to whisk you to your hotel in a couple of hours or less.

Things to Do in and Around the Resort

Adventurous families will be spoiled for choice here. Even if you just want to take it easy, there are a number of ways of doing this in and around the resort.

  • Choice of private and public beaches on the island
  • Mini kayak adventure
  • Private pool
  • Reggae Bar
  • Koh Lanta long tail boat trip
  • Yoga Classes
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Thai Cooking Classes.

Our mini kayak adventure was easy to arrange. We just told the bar staff that we wanted to rent the kayak and snorkelling equipment. After that, they sorted it out in no time we took it down to the private beach  and headed out into the Andaman sea. This is a great way of getting out to enjoy the warm waters and unbeatable scenery without any fuss and independently when the mood took us. We were even able to paddle around the peninsular to the stunning public beach, which had shallow water so the girls could jump off and play.

When we did’t feel like venturing far from our room we took full advantage of private pool and terrace in our room. This was such a great facility to have as Marco and I were able to relax on the sun loungers with a fantastic view of Andaman sea while the girls played in the safe confines of our small private pool. These rooms are perfect for families  as they have a separate lounge area, which allows you to put the kids to bed and then enjoy some TV or adult conversations without disturbing the kiddies sleeping in the bedroom.

For us, this was a fantastic mixture of a relaxing, scenic setting that also has enough for visitors of all ages to do. It feels like an ideal base from which to enjoy the treasures of this unforgettable island, which we would love to return to and explore more in the future.

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