Into the wild on the Italian Apennines

Do you really need to go through huge journeys to enjoy the freedom expressed by travelling? Try to take refuge in the nature. I live in Tuscany, and when I need fresh air and for some reason can’t just leave, I go in the parks on the Apennines: the ideal location for a couple of days of trekking, in winter as well as in summer.

My favourite one is without doubts the Parco dell’Acquerino. In this area you can find several trekking routes going from the village of Cantagallo to the mountains in the province of Pistoia, where you can visit the natural reserve surrounded by its centuries-old woods. There are also many mountain dews where to take shelter independently, allowing to rest for the night and make the journey last a few days.

More to the north there is the Parco del Corno alle Scale, where a small ski area is located. On its peaks you can practise alpine skiing and the long trails are ideal for high-altitude trekking. In this area there are also spectacular waterfalls, with a thirty metre gap and a scenic route, safe and comfortable during spring and summer.

Nature is an endless discover full of joy, but do never forget the first rule: keep clean and respect the environment!

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