Hidden Treasures of Menorca

Menorca is often described as the jewel of the Mediterranean, and as a sort of hidden treasure amongst the other, more popular, islands. The island itself is therefore unsurprisingly full of its own hidden gems, with many wonderful places to discover as you explore.

While this Balearic island attracts thousands of tourists each year, all in search of sun, sea and beautiful surroundings, there are still many little nooks that will make you feel like you have the whole island to yourself.

You can pick up flights to Menorca at very reasonable prices, so there is no excuse not to explore the island a little further.

What to do in Menorca

Monte Toro

See the island from atop a cave on a visit to the monastery that sits here. Visitors are welcome to have a look around and take part in services, and there is a small town here where you can get something to eat and drink. As it is off the beaten track you are likely to need a car to get here, but its well worth it for the stunning scenery.

Turqueta Cove

So named after its fantastic still turquoise waters, Turqueta Cove is surrounded by limestone cliffs, and is one of the most beautiful places in Majorca. Situated on the south west of the island the cove is only accessible via the pine forest that surrounds it, which is equally beautiful.

La Mola

If you like history you will want to pay a visit to La Mola in Mahon near the harbour. La Mola is a mammoth fort that is still mainly intact and can be viewed by the public all year round. There are small tours at certain times of day, and the guides are very knowledgeable about the building, so it’s worth tagging along.

Menorca can be whatever you make of it, and no two people can have the exact same experience in just a short holiday – such is the wealth of all the country has to offer. Discover your own personal Menorca on your next break and explore a little deeper into the island.

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  1. Menorica is nice place for getting
    entertainments during stay here. The island itself is therefore unsurprisingly
    full of its own hidden wonderful places to discover. Well this Balearic Island attracts
    the thousands of tourist each year. All in search of sun, sea, beautiful surroundings
    and there are still many place for enjoyments. It is organized at the bank of
    the Island. Stage is designed for millions or billions peoples to stay here at
    a time. Number of boats and ships are ready to ride in water. Treasure of
    Menorca is very popular destination in all around the world.

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