Here is Why I Look Forward to Skiing Holidays

All year long I dream about skiing holidays and here’s why:

Skiing requires snow, and unless you live in very specific regions of the earth, this snow can only be found during certain seasons. It’s these seasons I look forward to the most.

The brisk mornings, the blindingly bright afternoons. There’s nothing to compare to a true snow day. My absolute favourite thing about skiing holidays is the snow itself. Will it be hard and bright? Dark and fluffy? Will I completely luck out and get a full powder day? All exciting questions completely dependent on the snow. Just getting to the slopes can be an adventure on a wintery day.

It’s festive. Not only is the weather cooler and the days shorter, but there’s something festive about the winter months. In the northern hemisphere these winter days come with a great many religious holidays that often put everyone in good cheer.

Skiing holidays also typically include travel. Sure some fortunate few live close enough to amazing resorts, but most of us live far away. This also can be a good thing however, in that going skiing can mean leaving behind our jobs and other duties. Waking up in a new town always is a happy sight to me.

Skiing between Vuosaari and Talosaari near Helsinki, Finland (photo by Timo Newton-Syms)

Food. Yes, I love skiing holidays for the food. Now not every resort has five star cuisine, but many do. Even the cafeterias at many resorts are delicious. And on those occasions where you do find yourself with less than amazing food, it doesn’t matter because after being outside all day, chances are you are ravenous. At least for me, just about every meal I’ve had after a skiing day has been, at that moment, the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

The apres scene. Skiing isn’t just all about skiing. The nightlife that comes along with many ski resorts is exceptional — especially when you consider that you are often miles and miles away from the nearest metropolitan area. These resorts pull out all the stops to make sure your day does not end when you pop off the skis.

Getting better at something is another perk of skiing holidays. Learning to ski can be frustrating at times, but for most people it is a great deal of fun. I don’t know many people who at the end of a day, while warming their feet by a warm fire, don’t enjoy all the aches and soreness that comes after a hard earned day of skiing.

Which brings me to the fireplaces. I love spending time next to a cozy fire and I’m not sure I can remember a ski holiday when there wasn’t one around. The only thing better than a warm fire is curling up next to one after having been out in the cold. Luckily skiing takes care of both these pleasures.

The sheer bliss of a smooth beautiful run down a fresh hill. For those like me who are hooked on the sport, there’s nothing much better on earth than a care free day on the slopes.

I hope all of you reading this find the time to get out there this year to enjoy the snow and your holiday. If I’ve whetted your appetite for the slopes, you can find a range of deals with great prices on ski breaks in European and North American resorts.


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