Harbour Bridge – Climbing Over Sydney’s Rooftop

In a town full of panoramic views, you can’t miss Sydney’s Harbour Bridge because… well, because it’s the Harbour Bridge!

Harbour Bridge - Sydney, Australia

It isn’t the town’s highest viewpoint – that’s the Sydney Tower Eye – but it’s definitely the most exciting. Since the Bridge Climb Sydney company was founded in 1998 it has been climbed by over 3 million people from 10 to 100 years old. Couples, families, school trips, travellers and celebrities: everybody can climb the Harbour Bridge.

There are four different ways to climb the bridge, ranging from three and a half hours – to enjoy every single step on the external arc – to two hours – over the internal arc, for sporty climbers. Moreover, the discovery climb is goes from the internal to the external arc and allows to have a close look to the bridge’s structure, while the mandarin climb has been studied especially for the many Chinese visitors.

Harbour Bridge - Sydney, Australia

The climbs are available at several hours during the day, at dawn, sunset, during the evening and in the afternoon. The groups are formed by 12 to 14 people and are greeted by the kind guides at the bottom of the bridge. Cameras, jewels, mobile phones and other objects which may fall during the trip are not allowed. Included in the price is a group photo and more pictures can be bought after the climb.

From the starting point the climbers walk over Bradfield Highway and then go through the staircase leading to the inferior and superior arc. It’s a long way to the top, but the effort is barely perceptible, as the visitors are mesmerized into the guides’ anecdotes and the stunning view over the bay.

Harbour Bridge - Sydney, Australia

At the peak of Harbour Bridge, at 134 metre from the sea, the climbers find themselves in front of Port Jackson: the Opera House, the ferries, the wind. It’s a gorgeous sight and the guides properly allow some time to take it in before starting the descent on the side of Darling Harbour.

The price to climb Harbour Bridge isn’t a light one – from 235 to 308 australian dollars – but it’s definitely one of the most exciting and unique experience in the world.

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