TThe Green Machine in Bali – The Best Green Blend You’ve Ever Tasted

I’ve experimented at home with various green blends and they all came out wrong in one way or another. It seems there is a key skill to master, and that is getting the ratio’s of green leafy vegetable to fruits correct. If you don’t you master this, you end up with too bitter or too sweet or the texture is all wrong.

Well at Suka Espresso they seem to have got the ratios spot on. They were also kind enough to give us their secret recipe. (Disclaimer) I’m not a nutritionist, so please don’t take my word as gospel, but this juice not only tasted delicious but was totally energizing.

Without even trying Marco and both lost weight in two weeks of landing in Bali we drank this blend almost everyday for lunch, we had a big breakfast of fresh fruit and eggs, lunch a green machine and dinner was noddles or nasa goring. We tried to avoid drinking alcohol, but obviously with two kids sometimes our need for alcohol outweighed our need to loose weight.  We have both lost a few kilos.

Now the cynical people out there might just blame are weight loss on the fact we have two lively toddlers to care for 24/7. In all honesty this could be case as well!

So if you would like to know the the two kids weight loss program it so simple!  All you need to do is go out and have two babies really close together in age and then start traveling the world together whilst trying to run two travel blogs and co-parenting at the same time. Bingo you’ll be shedding three kilos a week, for sure.

Enough joking around, the other fantastic thing about this smoothie is that both our girls would also drink it voluntarily. Which is lifesaver when you’re travelling, as one of my biggest worries as parents is ensuring our girls eat a healthy balanced diet.

Here is the secret Recipe of the GREEN MACHINE, the best healthy green smoothie you will ever taste, in our opinion! 

Green Machine Recipe (Makes one large Glass)

  • x1 Apple (fuji)
  • x 2 Small Bananas or half a large one.
  • 4-5 slices of carrot
  • 100g Kale
  • 100g Baby Spinach

Add crushed ice or water to get the consistency right.

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