Goa Travel Guide: Visiting Palm-Fringed Beaches

A dream holiday is all about relaxing and doing nothing and there can’t be a better place than Goa for doing exactly that. Goa with its beautiful palm-fringed beaches beckons even the most discerning traveler to kick off their shoes, walk on sandy shores and take life as it comes. For most vacationers, Goa is all about getting a beautiful tan and simply letting go of their routine lifestyle. The exotic beaches in Goa beckon travelers to immerse in its beautiful surroundings and enjoy the spectacle of waves breaking across the sandy shores into white foamy lather.

The atmosphere of beaches in Goa is truly eclectic, as some beaches are filled with tourists and locals especially on weekends while some offer moments of secluded bliss. Goa is blessed with innumerable beaches however no two beaches are the same, as Goa travel guide characterizes each of the beaches as distinctively unique.

Here is a look at some of the most stunning beaches in Goa that have lured travelers for years.


Situated at distance of 22km from the capital Panaji, this is gorgeous beach is a part of a 30 km stretch of beach coastline. Goa is famous for its midnight parties and during peak season some of the best parties are held at this beach.


Anjuna is also part of the 30 km stretch of beach coastline and is the adjoining beach to Vagator. Anjuna was made popular by the 60s and early 70s generation and later it gained an infamous reputation of hosting trance parties. Today Anjuna is more known for its popular Wednesday Flea Market where one can find an impressive number of over 500 stalls.


Goa travel guide vouch for Calangute being one of the most popular beaches, where everyone seems to head to the moment they land in Goa. This is one beach that manages to remain crowded all throughout the year irrespective of whether it is the peak season or the monsoons. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has been named the ‘Queen of Beaches’.


This is one of the beaches in Goa that boast world-class facilities for various water sports such as scuba-diving, parasailing, water skiing and wind-surfing. Some of the finest hotels are situated along the beach overlooking magnificent sea views. To enjoy a leisurely stroll along this pretty long beach is quite blissful.


This beach is blessed with scenic splendor, as it overlooks a bay nestled between two headlands. This is a beach to simply enjoy a glorious sunset or watch the fishermen taking their boats out into the sea. Less crowded than other beaches, this beach is apt to revel in the magnificent scenic surroundings.


This beach is quite a long beach and absolutely isolated. For those who would like to get away from the crowd and just nature, this is the perfect beach to escape to. This beautiful palm fringed beach with soft white sand is as close as you can get to enjoy a virgin beach in Goa with no trace of commercialization.

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