Finding Accomodation When You Just Arrived in a New Place

We did it again! Room for Travel met a third time to answer the age old question: where the hell do I sleep if I just arrived in a new place without booking and I have no idea what kind of accommodations are available?

Well, once again I did not really have a smart answer, but since I enjoy sharing my stories I talked about that time in Esna, Egypt, where there was no hotel at all to be found and I got hosted by a friendly Egyptian guy. Daniel, the ever distrustful traveller, told us how once even him had to admit there are peeple sometimes who are willing to lend a hand just out of generosity. Alexander, our German photographer friend, displayed Teutonic organization through a mobile application wich helped him out while in Argentina.

What else? Watch the video and make good use of our tips!

Whatch the second hangout: Travel Scams.

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