Experiencing a River Cruise through the Mekong in Southeast Asia

The best ways to explore the beautiful natural resources is going on river cruise tours. I experienced the Mekong River cruise and it cannot be stressed enough. Local trade was carried out by navigating the “Mother of all Rivers” on board of small boats. The practice still persists today, however Southeast Asians have harnessed the full potential of the Mekong River not only for trading and transportation, but as well as for the present-day tourism.


Nowadays, river tours are generating quite a number of tourists to experience a one-of-a-kind river cruise. These cruises range from simple to luxurious, from private to a crowded. Indeed, travelling through the Mekong Delta in one of these tours can cater to the guests’ wide array of preferences in terms of the length of the tour, route, and price.

Perhaps what makes this cruise special is it being very comfortable and the wildness of nature. It makes possible for tourists to see the side of Southeast Asia in a different way: beautiful, unpredictability, as well as enriching. The level of waters is sometimes too deep and it may be reason for schedule changes. However, this cruise is designed to adapt all such circumstances, putting the guests’ safety in mind without compromising an enjoyable experience.


Frankly speaking, touring Southeast Asia by boat has never been this fun. We choose a route among Mekong River cruise which took us to different spots in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. Awesome facilities like smaller vessels offer two-day tours from Cai Be to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), while some larger ones have tours lasting from 12 days to two weeks from Vientiane to the Golden Triangle. For those who would like to make travelling through the Mekong Delta more intimate and private, a 2-cabin vessel is a good choice. Groups of people can book vessels holding as many as 27 cabins. These vessels are also equipped with bars, restaurants and English speaking staff and guides.


This cruise tour offered itineraries to appeal all preferences. We interacted with the locals at the floating market, visited the Cambodian Royal Palace, the Angkor temples as well as the Silver Pagoda. Touring Southeast Asia by boat also means witnessing the labyrinth and waterways in the Mekong delta, islands upon islands on clear blue waters, fine sand and enjoyable weather. Luxury cruises offer sun decks for better views of the rich jungles, small villages and the locals getting on with their daily lives.

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