Emirates Islands Every Traveler Should Know While Visiting UAE

The United Arab Emirates is known for its lavish lifestyle, including some of the most beautiful artificial islands. This article will list down all the Emirates islands every traveler should know while visiting the country. When planning your trip to the UAE, make prior investigations about the UAE visit visa cost, accommodation costs, and tour & transportation costs for a hassle-free trip.

Below are the most famous artificial islands in the UAE

Saadiyat Islands

Saadiyat Islands is the cultural hub of Abu Dhabi. The island is easily accessible by car. Visit the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which hosts over 500 artworks and artifacts that commemorates the history and religion of the world. NYU and Cranleigh Abu Dhabi are some prestigious institutions on this island.

Saadiyat Islands

Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island is a wildlife nature reserve situated 170 kilometers from Abu Dhabi city. The island hosts regular safaris, and half the island has been dedicated to the nature reserve. There are over 13,000 animals on the island. Three high-end resorts are located here. You may also engage in watersports on the clean beaches of the islands or enjoy horse riding and archery on the island. 

Sir Bani Yas Island

Al Reem Island

Al Reem Island, formerly Emirates Pearl Island, is a popular residential and commercial island. The island is among the fastest-developed areas in Abu Dhabi, bearing in mind that it was just an island of sand less than a decade ago. The most popular landmark on this island is the Gate Towers which look like Stonehenge. Al Reem is home to educational institutions such as the Paris-Sorbonne University.

Al Reem Island

Happiness Island

Happiness Island was previously a private island, but it is now a resort island. The island has an infinity pool and Jacuzzi that faces the sea, making it an ideal destination to de-stress. There are 26 glamorous Houses of Happiness where you can get accommodation. Enjoy a day of Pilates, aqua aerobics, and a range of water sports on the island. Purchase annual and monthly memberships to ensure regular visits to the island, as access to it is limited.

Happiness Island uae

Al Lulu Island

Al Lulu Island is an artificial island located four kilometers outside Abu Dhabi city. Visits to the island had recently reduced when the ferry services to the island were stopped. You can, however, access the island and enjoy the beautiful beaches if you have private boats. Plans to construct a bridge linking All Lulu Island to mainland Abu Dhabi and a 1,300-foot tower called the Lulu Tower are in progress.

Al Lulu Island

Al Maya Island

Al Maya Island is located about 9 kilometers from Abu Dhabi city and is one of the largest islands in Abu Dhabi. Al Maya is popular for camping and barbecues on the beautiful beach. The island is privately operated by Abu Dhabi Country Club. This means that you will have to pay the entrance fee if you are not a member of the club. A day trip to the island will cost about AED 100. The package includes the cruise, access to the beach, and access to club facilities.

Al Maya Island

Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah is a valued destination for both business and lifestyle in Abu Dhabi. Major hotels on the island are the Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi and the Rosewood Abu Dhabi. The island also has several luxury boutiques and a waterfront pedestrian promenade with magnificent sunset views. Al Maryah is slowly becoming an important business hub in the UAE for the Abu Dhabi global market found here.

Dolphin Island

Rent a private ferry from tour companies that charge around 450 AED or AED 3200 for a private charter and tour of Dolphin Island. Dolphin viewing is not guaranteed, but the crystal clear waters will definitely give you wonderful experiences. The sandbank on this island is a sight to behold, where you can play in the sand in the middle of the ocean.

Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest manmade island. The island currently serves as one of the major attractions in Dubai. Aquaventure, one of the biggest water parks in Dubai, is located in the Atlantis Hotel complex in Palm Jumeirah. The water park offers a series of pools, shoots and flumes, and fascinating rides. If you want an adrenaline rush, go to the Tower of Neptune in Aquaventure and do the daring vertical drop followed by a high-speed ride through a clear acrylic tunnel in a shark-filled lagoon. 

Dalma Island

Dalma Island, located 219 kilometers from Abu Dhabi, is one of UAE’s earliest inhabited islands. The island was once an important stop in the UAE’s pearl trade and is therefore considered an important historical site. Dalma Museum, formerly Al Meraikhi Old House, is found on this island. The museum commemorates the UAE’s pearl trade.

Wrapping Up

The Emirates Islands in the UAE offer a unique and unforgettable travel experience for all types of travelers. From the stunning natural beauty of Sir Bani Yas Island to the luxurious resorts of the Palm Jumeirah, these islands offer something for everyone. Make sure to add these destinations to your travel itinerary for a memorable trip to the UAE.

Additionally, each island has its own distinct character and attractions, such as the cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island and the thrilling water sports available on Ras Al Khaimah’s Al Marjan Island. Visiting these islands not only allows travelers to relax and unwind in beautiful surroundings but also offers a glimpse into the diverse culture and history of the UAE.

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