Eat And Drink Your Way Around Italy

It’s a well-known fact that visitors to Italy need to take along a healthy appetite, and maybe even some comfy slacks to travel home in. This is carb central and a wine mecca, delicious dishes washed down with locally produced wine and finished with some of that famous gelato.

If you’re planning on travelling to Italy soon, take a look at this guide which outlines what you should try and where.

Where to go in Italy


It’s all about pizza in Pisa and there are plenty of pizzerias to choose from. You can try a variety of slices by ordering a slice through the day, or tuck into a huge pizza all to yourself at one of the popular restaurants at night. Quarto D’ora Italiano, La Taverna di Pulcinella and Pizzeria Il Montino are all highly rated. Opt for those loaded with local ingredients like prosciutto for an authentic experience.


This magnificent capital city is home to some classic dishes: spaghetti bolognese, carbonara, lasagna and insalata caprese.

After a day of sightseeing at the Pantheon, Coliseum and Vatican, you should definitely opt for a creamy carbonara that will keep energy levels up and taste buds jumping for joy.

What would be the perfect wine to go with it, you ask. Well, that would be a chilled glass of rose wine on a summer evening.

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With so much water around, it’s no surprise that seafood is Venice’s specialty! Try the mussels, oysters, lobsters and shrimp — seafood linguini is a favorite. Wash it all down with a cold bottle of crisp white wine.

For some of the best seafood around head to: Ristorante Ai Tre Garofani,Sora Seca and Osteria ai Carmini.


This southern region is another hotspot for seafood, but it’s the gnocchi that you really should try here. These potato dumplings can be enjoyed with pesto, carbonara and marina sauce, for a simple and filling but super tasty meal. You can walk off the calories along the seafront or sit back with a nice glass of red wine.


Now for dessert, Verona knows how to satisfy many a sweet tooth. Gelateria Verona is where you should go for the best ice cream to pass your lips! Choose from an amazing array of flavours including melon, chocolate and berries. Veronans are also a fan of the Aperol spritzer: part orange liqueur, part Prosecco and finished with soda water and ice.

Such a beautiful county with equally tantalizing flavors, eat and drink your way around Italy for a journey never to forget.

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