Cortina a low cost destination on the Dolomites

Forget the Cortina for VIP (or assumed as such): Cortina is suitable for all kinds of travelers, even for those who are looking for low cost travels on the Dolomites.

Cortina d’Ampezzo (also known as Cortina) is certainly one of the most beautiful destinations in the Dolomites: in fact, it’s hard not to be amazed by the majesty of the Tofane, the 5 Torri or Monte Cristallo, visible from every corner of the town.

Cortina is a top destination in all seasons: during summer many tours and excursions on foot or by mountain bike are available, as well as climbing routes (is a favorite destination for climbing lovers).

The green of the woods is in a suggestive contrast with the white limestone of the Dolomites’ rock and the deep blue of the sky, creating a picture postcard landscape. During winter the area is covered with snow, which radically changes the scenery: the view of the Tofane or the 5 Torri covered with snow literally leaves you speechless. Needless to say, during winter months skiing reigns supreme. Miles of ski runs connected each other: fun’s the word!

Moreover there are routes and paths for both the lovers of skiing as well as snowshoes; in these mountains you can follow new routes every day and never getting bored. The scenery changes again during spring and autumn seasons, in which it is possible to avoid the crowd of summer and winter tourists, for quiet days of relax and tranquility.

Among the many routes that you can take during the milder seasons you shouldn’t miss those paths which lead to the “museums of the Great War“, among which is the open-air museum of the 5 Torri and the open-air museum of Lagazuoi – Falzarego, the latter consisting of several routes that allow knowing the background of World War I, the first war in human history that was fought at high altitude.

For a suggestive, undemanding and fun itinerary, the Fanes Valley offers an easy path, accessible for everybody, that includes the green forests of the valley up to the foot of the dizzy southern wall of Taé and Col Bechei.

Passing under the Fanes waterfall and crossing the Ponte Alto is an unique and quite striking experience we strongly recommend. Along the way, you can take a short  via ferrata, simple but very nice, which takes its name from Giovanni Barbara.

The Angelo Dibona Mountain Shelter (family-owned, located in Vallon di Tofana and reachable by car or on foot) is a good starting point and geographical hub for the paths of the massif and the via ferrata of Tofana di Rozes.

Perhaps, the most unforgettable experience of a trip to Cortina is to spend at least one night at the Scoiattoli Mountain Shelter in front of the 5 Torri: in this way you will have the opportunity to admire both the sunrise and the sunset in one of the most scenic and suggestive location of the valley. Moreover, for a complete relax, try the hot tub outside the Scoiattoli mountain shelter, even better if in a cold and snowy evening.

You can reach the mountain shelter on foot or by cableway. Prices are affordable: € 55 per night, half board service.


In Cortina there is a wide choice of accommodation: B&B, inns, rooms and campsites for all tastes and budgets.

A very nice, family-run and relatively cheap hotel in the center is the Hotel Cornelio: the owner (Ms. Mariagrazia) takes care of its guests and provides a first class service at affordable prices.


In Cortina there is no shortage of restaurants: as for the hotels, the offer is wide; to spend an evening in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with good home cooking, we recommend you the family run restaurant Al Camin.


A good starting point to organize your trips is the Cortina Center of Mountain Guides: here you can find maps, magazines and brochures to better plan your trips, as well as directly receive tips and suggestions from experts.

Getting there

By train with “Trains of the mountain” – many trains from Rome or Milan to Venice Mestre: when you’ll reach Venice you can take one of the special buses called Cortina Express. Visit the Trenitalia website for more information

By car, coming from the south on the A27 highway from Mestre to Pian di Vedoja (Belluno), connected to the state highway 51 of Alemagna. From Mestre it takes about 2 hours to Cortina.

From A22 (Brennero highway) to the north, exit at Bressanone and  take the road towards Dobbiaco. From Bressanone it takes about 1 hour to Cortina. Cortina is crossed by highway 51 Alemagna in north-south direction and by state highway 48 bis, of the Dolomites, in the east-west direction.

When you reach Cortina from the south, there are, in order, directions for Passo Tre Croci-Auronzo – Misurina (SS48 bis, of the Dolomites) to the east; Dobbiaco – Bolzano – Brennero (SS51 Alemagna) to the north; Falzarego, Passo Pordoi (SS48 bis, of the Dolomites) to the west.

Where is Cortina d’Ampezzo?

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  1. Only € 55 per night? I would have never figured such a little price. The bath also seems to be a very nice experience. Thanks for letting us know!
    What we like most of such alpine hotels, other than their location, are the internally wood-coated rooms. Warm, cozy, and beautiful.

  2. You guys should definitely check Cortina out when you have a chance. The all area is just beautiful and if you decide to go there, even for a short time, let us know and we’ll try to meet 🙂

  3. Thank you Marco! I appreciate! If we hang around, I will let you know.
    A relative of mine worked in Cortina for a couple of years. A gorgeous place, with a great view in the surrounding Dolomiti. It would be nice to visit the area again.

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