Choosing the Right Accommodation for Your Trip: A Guide to Hotels, Resorts, and More

Accommodation is a crucial part of any trip and can significantly affect the overall experience. Choosing the right place to stay can transform a simple trip into an unforgettable experience, while the wrong choice can ruin even the best itinerary. Every traveller has different needs and preferences, and the accommodation options are numerous, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. My family and I enjoy staying in resorts, such as the Pilgrimage Village Resort in Vietnam, when seeking a relaxing vacation. But when visiting cities, we usually opt for apartments or houses to better experience the local culture.

To choose the best accommodation that suits your needs, especially if you’re travelling with the family like me, I suggest to find accommodation with cozycozy a user-friendly platform where you can search for accommodation worldwide by destination, property type (hotel, resort, B&B, etc.), price, reviews, and more. It’s a convenient, fast, and practical way to find the perfect place to stay for you and your family. 

But let’s explore the pros and cons of some of the most common accommodation types you might encounter.

Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs)

B&Bs are essentially homes converted to offer accommodation and breakfast. Typically, this type of accommodation has no more than ten rooms and is often run by a family living on-site. The advantages are usually the affordable price and availability in many central areas of most European cities.

  • Pros: Affordable price, family atmosphere, central location in many European cities.
  • Cons: Limited comfort, little privacy, limited services compared to hotels.
B&B hotel

Business Hotels

These establishments specialise in accommodating business people, staff on business trips, and corporate events. These types of facilities are adequately equipped to offer ample space and all the necessary technologies.

  • Pros: Modern facilities, business-oriented services, strategic location near business centres, trade fairs, and airports.
  • Cons: Often cold and impersonal atmosphere, basic rooms.

Budget Hotels

Inspired by low-cost airlines, these hotels offer essential accommodation at affordable prices. A couple of pieces of furniture, a shower, a bed, a television, and nothing else. Rooms are quite small, and services are shared. Often, there isn’t even a reception area, as booking is done online, and room doors are opened with a code received via email.

  • Pros: Very competitive prices, easy online booking, ideal for short stays.
  • Cons: Reduced comfort, limited services, lack of common areas, and often no staff available at the reception.


Undoubtedly, this category of hotels has grown significantly over the past two decades. Loved by many and hated by just as many, these facilities offer everything you need for a complete vacation. The famous “all-inclusive” package available on Booking allows you to enjoy meals, drinks, and all the resort’s facilities, which typically include swimming pools, game rooms, spas, and gardens. It’s an opportunity for a comfortable and fun week, but this type of accommodation isn’t appreciated by those who want to get to know the place they’re visiting.

  • Pros: Wide range of services, ideal for families and relaxing vacations, all-inclusive.
  • Cons: High costs, isolation from the local context, less suitable for those who want to explore the local culture.

Casino Hotels

When we talk about casino hotels, Las Vegas inevitably comes to mind, but there are several areas around the world where you can find these hotels, where you’ll never miss a poker table or a roulette wheel.

  • Pros: On-site entertainment, lively and glamorous atmosphere, high-quality services.
  • Cons: Potentially noisy and chaotic environment, high costs, may not be suitable for families or those seeking tranquillity.

Wellness Hotels

The concept of wellness hotels, combines spa treatments and hospitality to offer wellness treatments. Typically, this type of facility is found in spa areas, such as environments rich in natural heritage and mountain resorts. The quality level is often four or five stars.

  • Pros: Relaxing environment, focus on wellness and health, high-quality services.
  • Cons: High prices, often isolated location, not suitable for those seeking more dynamic or cultural activities.

Boutique Hotels

A concept born in New York in the early eighties and grown to this day in most major cities worldwide. Located in a commercial area or near the centre of a large city, it’s characterised by a very attentive style, urban and marked by the latest trends.

  • Pros: Unique and stylish design, personalised service, central location.
  • Cons: Often more expensive, smaller rooms, limited services compared to larger hotels.

Country Hotels

Usually houses or farms in natural settings that have been adapted to provide accommodation to travellers seeking a rural and peaceful environment. Often, a family manages the property, personally welcoming and hosting guests. There are different categories, but usually, they are not budget-friendly solutions.

  • Pros: Rural and peaceful environment, family hospitality, authentic experience.
  • Cons: Variable comfort, distance from urban centres, often high costs for quality facilities.

Heritage Hotels

Located in historic buildings of great cultural value, these hotels offer a unique experience thanks to their class and elegance, often in central locations of cities.

  • Pros: Historical and cultural environment, elegance and charm, central location.
  • Cons: High costs, possible lack of modern comforts, variable maintenance.
Heritage Hotel


Apartments with rooms, kitchen, and bathroom combined with some of the usual hotel services. This type of accommodation is very popular among groups of young people or families who find this option an economical way to travel together.

  • Pros: Space and flexibility, ideal for families and groups, possibility to cook.
  • Cons: Limited services compared to traditional hotels, variable quality, often less economical than other options.


Choosing accommodation depends on many factors, including budget, type of trip, personal preferences, and desired location. Carefully evaluating the available options can ensure a pleasant and satisfying vacation. I recommend using cozycozy for finding the accommodation that fits your needs perfectly.

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