Azerbaijan – Baku, the Capital of World Still to Be Unravelled

There are a few countries in the world many people in the West are still unfamiliar with. Azerbaijan is one of them. This can be explained by the fact that as an independent nation Azerbaijan is very young since it emerged out of the iron rule of the Soviet Empire only a little more than twenty years ago.

Today, benefiting from large oil and gas resources as well as political stability, Azerbaijan has achieved an impressive level of economic development and prosperity.

For tourists who are looking for new adventures and want to experience cultural and historical uniqueness of the Southern Caucasus, Azerbaijan should definitely be on the radar screen.

Baku, Azerbaijan

For centuries Azerbaijan was at the crossroads of great civilizations, such as Byzantine, Persian, Ottoman and Russian empires, the fact that deeply influenced architecture, language, cuisine, music, art and other elements of Azeri culture.

Number one place worth visiting in Azerbaijan is the capital Baku that is also known as the “city of winds”. Located on the border between Europe and Asia, Baku offers its guests unforgettable experience with its rich cultural as well as modern attractions.

Baku, Azerbaijan

The most favorite spot of local residents as well as tourists in Baku is the Primorsky Boulevard, which is located along the shore of the Caspian Sea. Decorated with tall chestnut and palm trees, colorful flowers of exotic origin and picturesque fountains, Primosrky Boulevard promises memorable experiences to everyone.

A few minutes from the Boulevard you will see the funicular that can take you to the beautiful Upland Park. To have the best view of the city, you can take a boat trip along Baku Bay. The tour guide will tell you interesting facts and legends associated with the history of the Caspian Sea.

The historic center of the city is sometimes called “Baku acropolis”, the name it received for his priceless architectural monuments such as the ancient fortress Icherishekher, Maiden’s Tower, Minaret Synyk Kala, “Bailov Stones”, House of Baku Khans, a number of old mosques and churches. These are only a few of the historical buildings that are worth visiting. Downtown Baku is full of souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy delicious Azeri cuisine.

Baku, Azerbaijan

The most popular of the souvenirs are considered handmade carpets. After all the attractions of the city have been explored, you might take a trip to the suburbs. Place Gobusan is the largest cluster of rock art that is thousands of years old and settlement Surahani is known for an ancient Indian temple complex.

Baku is not the only place worth visiting in Azerbaijan. Destinations such as Shamakhi, Ismayilli, Sheki, Khachmaz, Lankaran, Gabala are famous for gorgeous landscapes and hospitable residents who continue living in traditional ways. It should take you at least a week to see all the natural and cultural beauties of Azerbaijan. Unless you want to come back again…

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