A nomadic travellers life style

There are undoubtedly a great number of people who have, or at least will at some point in the future fantasise about the idea of a nomadic travellers life style. Not all of those people will seriously consider the idea, for some it will be a passing phase and for others it will simply seem like an unachievable dream. But for those who simply put it out of mind due to what seems like the unlikely nature of the idea, here are a number of simplistic time and money savers which could very well help you towards talking those first steps to a real travelling experience.

For a lot of people who want to travel for long periods, money can be a real problem and with the exception of a few budgeting techniques there is little that anyone can suggest other than saving little by little on every day expenses and pooling what little you can save towards specific aspects of your trip. But the small but significant savings which can be made on travel all come in the form of doing your research.

For example make sure that you check for the cheapest flights possible to the cheapest areas and look at the cheapest possible accommodation available. Remember that this will not only help you to save your money for the actual travelling, it will mean that your trip will often become more of a cultural experience and will be less focused around luxury and decadence.

Finding the cheapest flights can be based on a number of factors and will often be dependent on how much luggage you take away, but this too can be a blessing in that a smaller backpack is not only less to worry about but it’s less weight to carry when your hiking around.

Some people often have the worry of what to do with their car or vehicle while they’re away, especially those people who live within cities. It’s not uncommon for thieves to watch vehicles and to keep tabs on how often they are driven or moved. If it becomes obvious that the owner hasn’t driven it in while, many of the more organised groups of thieves would not hesitate to steal it.

A simple method for keeping your car or vehicle safe is to book it in with a cheap airport parking company. Such companies are always insured and are normally situated in very secure car parks which can help to reduce worries down to a minimum. There is also the natural advantage of having your vehicle ready to be driven home upon the day of your arrival, as opposed to booking a potentially expensive taxi home. Of course if you have a friend who is trust worthy and has a unused drive then leaving it with them could be a cheap option too.

Of course the main worry with planning a long term and essentially nomadic trip abroad is based around the problem that if you’re in a position to save the money to make such a trip you are most likely working. This is an issue that is entirely individual in nature, because some careers or jobs offer the chance for employees to take a sabbatical or a long term paid vacation. Whereas others offer no such option and in fact can offer very little in the way of vacation time than a standard twenty one or two days of holiday time.

Making these choices cannot be summarised by a blog post or by any individual. It is simply down to the importance each person has attached to their urge to travel and similarly the importance they have attached to their work. The choice is down to them.

This article was written by all round traveller and blogger John Pauline.

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  1. Nice initiative and i think everybody should look into these points when they are going for a break. I like your point : checking for the cheap flights, areas, cheap accommodation.. whenever i plan travelling i definitely look out these things one the biggest reason is i want to shop more so i save money from all other things.. well i am not a nomadic travel but yeah travelling once in a month..
    thanks for sharing your views!

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