72 hours in Botswana: Your Guide to Seeing The Country

As one of the most stable nations in Africa, Botswana is definitely one of the countries you need to be looking at for a visit. Sparsely populated, and with areas of intense natural beauty, this is a wildlife haven unlike anywhere you’ve ever seen before. Of course, the principal appeal of Botswana is the refined and high-end safari experiences the country prides itself on offering, and these are so important.

In fact, the economy of the nation is actually pretty decent because it is the largest producer of diamonds in the world. An ideal tourist destination, Botswana is simply waiting to be discovered and experienced.

So, let’s look at the best ways you can go about spending 72 hours discovering one of southern Africa’s best-kept secrets.

Day 1 – Friday

Touching down at the airport you are greeted at first by the vast, sprawling canvas of the Kalahari Desert that defines so much of Botswana as a country. The desert is backed by the gorgeous Okavango Delta, often described as Africa’s last Eden. Once you’ve made your way to your accommodation, you can get out and about and start experiencing this remarkable place. Unlike many southern African nations that are made up predominantly of arid desert, Botswana has a much more varied landscape, including wetlands, savannah, desert, and carpets of golden grass. The first thing you need to do is discover the breathtaking Okavango Delta – you can actually take a helicopter flight over the Delta. There is so much gorgeous wildlife here, transforming Botswana into lagoons and wetlands, the picturesque Delta is one of the defining parts of the country. You can take canoes out on the Delta should the mood take you, but it’s probably not a good idea if you have a fear of crocs!

Day 2 – Saturday

Day 2 feels like the right kind of day to check out another of the stunning places in the sprawling Chobe River. Now, before you head for a game drive in Chobe National Park tomorrow, we would heartily recommend going for a river cruise along the Chobe.

A sunset cruise is one of the glorious experiences you can have here, not to mention the fact that it’s pretty romantic as well! It’s the best way to safely see the formidable hippos and their aggression without endangering yourself.

But it’s not just the hippos you get to see on your river cruise; you can also see animals come down to the banks of the river to drink and refresh themselves. It might also be possible to catch a glimpse of monitor lizards and crocodiles before the dying embers of the sun disappear into the African night, and darkness descends. The river cruise is a relaxing and tranquil experience, and, as a bonus, you get to experience some stunning animals as well.

Day 3 – Sunday

Day three arrives, and a visit to the delightful Chobe National Park beckons, where you can see some remarkable sights. The National Park might only be Botswana’s third-largest, but it actually has the highest concentration of game in the whole of Africa! You can’t possibly visit without indulging in a safari – either a game drive or a walking safari would be recommended.

The park is renowned for its elephant herds, and you will often see them swimming in the river. With over 100,000 here, this is thought to be the largest remaining elephant population. Your safari adventure will most likely start with some majestic impala before you get to enjoy an immersive elephant experience.

You’ll also be able to keep an eye out for buffalo, leopards, hippos, and try to spot as many of the Big 5 as you possibly can. Truth be told, you could probably spend your entire trip on safari in the Chobe National Park because it’s so magnificent. Spend the night in a rustic tent or luxury lodge, depending on your preference, reflect on a stunning experience, and get plenty of rest for the journey home tomorrow.

Botswana in one of the most mythical and enchanting countries in the world has got to be good for the soul, right? The visit may have been brief, the journey fleeting, but the one certainty is that you will not feel the same afterward. Do you have any other tips for visiting Botswana? Let us know.

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  1. Hi Marco, your article was a delightful experience.
    I’ve traveled a lot and this particular trip around Botswana really interests me, especially the Chobe river and its incorporated cruise. Thank you for this wonderful suggestion and for taking me around this exotically beautiful place.

    Nigel William

  2. Thank you very much Nigel.. glad you appreciate the post. It is a very special part of the world. Have you been in Botswana recently?

  3. I’ve never been to Botswana but am thinking to go. The place looks really wonderful and my kids will definitely love touring all over the Safari. Thank you

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