5 Most Exciting Things To Do in Bali

Bali is certainly an exquisite place! It will take you right to the places that will stir your spirit of wanderlust. Aside from the site’s beauty, it also has its breathtaking beaches and cultural treasures.

Historical sites and natural beauty are seemingly ubiquitous to this heaven-sent region. There are a lot of things to do in the Island of Gods! Therefore, check out this list of the best things to do in Bali!

It is one of the most famous theatrical acknowledgment to Indonesia. You can take pleasure in a Devdan Show with your family. It is a one-of-a-kind show that the artistic and stage directors of Cirque du Soleil created. In the performance, you can witness the traditional and modern elements of the dance and act in honor of Indonesia.

Also, you can enjoy a range of activities from colorful kite flying to fire dancing on the stage. The performers will also explain the story using physical signs while you are watching.


1. Visiting Waterbom, Bali Marine, and Safari Theme Parks

First stop is the Waterbom. It is a must-see location for every Bali guest who loves theme parks. There are extreme water slides scattered everywhere, including the snake-like Constrictor to the lazy rivers. Both the adult and the youngsters can enjoy a fun day at the park.

Other theme parks to visit is the Bali Marine and Safari Park. For the families who are always on the go, this is a must-try adventure. There are more than 60 species of wild animals present in the place. Moreover, the cultural shows there are certainly out-of-the-box!

Meanwhile, you should also consider night safari. You can proceed with a guided tour around the park where the wildlife comes to life. You can witness how the Komodo dragons roam around and the prowling of the bats. You must forget to check out the lemur and owls, too.


2. Try Some of the Top Infinity Pools in Bali: The Alila Ubud and Uluwatu, Munduk Moding Plantation, and Ubud Hanging Gardens

Have you ever imagined a place relaxing in a haven of infinity pools? If not, then this is your chance! Most tourists will certainly fall in love with the Munduk Moding Plantation and its pool among the clouds. The location of the pool is just so amazing that when you lie at the edge, it’s almost as if you are lying down above the heavens!

Then, there are other famous infinity pools in Bali namely the Alila Ubud and the Hanging Gardens of Ubud. For peace and nature lover, you do not want to miss these sites. They sit in the mountain greenery, just floating atop the dense forest and river valet.

Also, the Alila Uluwatu is also a great area for the cliff-side pool. It displays a gorgeous view of the ocean. However, make sure that you wear your sandals while roaming around the edge of the pool to see the panoramic view. It can be slippery at times.


3. Consider Hugging a Honey Bear at the Pod Chocolate Factory and Café

We all know that honey bears are predators. Of course, it may seem out of this world to hug them. However, you can do this at the Pod Chocolate Factory and Café. If you want to head to the Chocolate factory, know that you can locate this in an elephant camp.

You will have a tour about how to harvest cocoa beans and how to make chocolate. And if you are up for an adventure, you can also create your chocolate. You can also try hugging the three honey bears living in the area. Rescuers took care of these bears from hunters. Experts have trained these bears, so you can freely cuddle with the bear. It will only cost you $10.

4. Find the Beauty in Bali Beaches

The island of Bali is typically known for its beach activities. However, Kuta beach is already full with people. So, you can search for other unknown yet beautiful beaches. So, if you want some peace and quiet, set up a beach tent on the white sand beaches.

One of the most incredible beaches is the Nyang Nyang Beach. It has its pristine sands lining at the towering green cliff. If you are an adventure seeker, you may also head to a secluded resort in the Southern Bali.


5. It is Time to Pack Up!

Despite the size of the island, Bali is one of the most unusual places to visit full of adventurous things to do. You can go to theme parks, theater shows, safari, infinity pools, and beaches. Check out the list of stuff you can see and do in Bali mentioned above for the best stay in the island!

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  1. What stunning beaches in photo number 4 – that crystal clear blue sea and perfect white sand reminds me of the perfect virgin beaches that I have seen on my recent travels to the Bahamas. I´ve never seen sea so blue as in Long Island – truly perfect! I´ll have to plan a trip to Bali now to compare!

  2. The ‘hug a bear’ tip must be the most ignorant thing I’ve read in a while. It’s animal cruelty and shouldn’t be recommended.

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