5 Important Items to Keep in Your Car Trunk Whenever You Take a Road Trip

If you are planning on taking a road trip, in Europe for example, you are sure to have a fun and exciting time. But you also need to be prepared in case you run into trouble, such as breaking down on a rural road. It is best to always have the five following important items in the trunk of your car whenever you head off on a long journey.

1. A Warning Triangle in Case You Are in an Accident

If you should break down or be involved in a road accident while on your trip, you could put yourself in more danger if your car is not visible to oncoming vehicles.

While you can use your hazard lights, they are not always visible to other cars when they are approaching over bumps or around bends. So, it is best to always store a warning triangle in your trunk.

If you are not aware, a warning triangle is a small red triangle that is typically made out of plastic and metal and which has a reflective surface. When you use a warning triangle next to your stationary car, you can ensure other vehicles will be able to see you as they approach.

Of course, if you are injured in an accident, you will need to seek medical attention. You will also need to swap details with any other drivers involved in the accident.

And if the accident is not your fault and you are injured, once you have sought medical help, you should contact an experienced car accident lawyer who can help protect your rights to compensation.

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2. Jumper Cables

If you suddenly find your battery goes flat in the middle of nowhere, you will be very pleased that you packed jumper cables in your trunk. All you need to do is wait for another vehicle to arrive. You can then use your jumper cables and get back on the road in no time.

It can also be helpful to have jumper cables in your trunk so that you can help any motorists you come across who need your assistance.

3. A Spare Tire, an Air Compressor, and a Tire Sealer

You should always carry a spare tire with you regardless of whether you are embarking on a long road trip or just taking a short journey. After all, you never know when one of your tires may become punctured.

You should also keep an air compressor and a tire sealer in your trunk. If you should puncture two tires and you only have one spare, an air compressor and tire sealer can enable you to make a short-term repair that is good enough to get you safely to the nearest garage.

4. A First Aid Kit

If you or a passenger should experience a minor or major injury while on a road trip, it can make a huge difference if you carry a first aid kit in your trunk.

Your kits should contain basics like bandages, band-aids, antiseptic cream, and anything else you need to treat and clean potential injuries.

5. A Survival Kit

When heading out on a long road trip that involves traveling through rustic areas or the wilderness, you could potentially run into all kinds of trouble.

For instance, if you break down in the middle of nowhere and your phone has no signal or no battery, you could be waiting for some time for another vehicle to pass by and come to the rescue.

Therefore, it is always worth packing a survival kit in the trunk of your car. Choose a seventy-two-hour kit that contains things like a solar blanket, a radio, snacks, and, most importantly, water.

You should also pack an appropriate survival kit for the season in which you are taking your road trip. For instance, if you are traveling during the winter months, you will need to have a winter survival kit.

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