5 Exciting Modern Ways to Share the Pleasure of Travels

Travels are something that is even sweeter when you share them with other people. Any trip to new and exciting places becomes far more interesting when you get other people to be a part of it too.

The good news is that there are now some terrific, modern ways of doing this that are great fun to try.

Share Your Photos

Long gone are the days when we used to have to wait to get home to let people see our travel photos. These days, you can upload them to social media while you are standing there soaking up the view and the atmosphere.

This means that your family and friends can feel a part of the experience, as they see exotic meals while you are eating them or enjoy a glorious sunset at the same time that you do.

Upload Your Videos

If you want to get one step further then why not take videos to share as you travels? There are numerous ways of doing this, from Snapchat to Instagram and from YouTube to Facebook.

The main decision to make here is around whether to load up a video you have recorded or else live stream the action as it happens. Either way, it is perfect for letting others see your trip as it unfolds.

Make a Skype Call

It used to be that video conferencing calls were only really carried out for business purposes. However, the arrival of applications such as Skype and other alternatives now makes it easy to chat with your loved ones back home no matter where you are.

This is a wonderful, convenient way of letting people share your trip with you and feel the excitement of the most special moments that you live.

Choose a Modern Accommodation Alternative

The thought of staying alone in a hotel can be depressing if you prefer the idea of sharing your trip with others. Thankfully, you can do this in style by looking as some of the modern accommodation alternatives that are around in the shared economy sector just now.

By staying somewhere like in one of the properties on offer at MetroResidences you can feel as though you are staying in a great place that gives a fresh, shared travel experience as well as a great deal of comfort.

Write a Blog

Finally, if you have the time to write about your adventures then starting up a travel blog is a fantastic idea. This will let you go into great detail about your experience and really let your readers feel as though they are there with you.

Starting up a blog is pretty easy to get going with and you can choose a free, popular service such as WordPress to make it simple. After that, you will probably need to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to writing your posts and adding some photos to them.


There is no excuse for not sharing your travels experiences these days. The number of easy and enjoyable ways of doing this means that you can find the ones that best suit your personality and then give them a try whenever you go on your next trip.

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