The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Sri Lanka

One of the first issues once I got my plane ticket to Sri Lanka was: where should I go to enjoy e few beach days?

In fact, Sri Lanka is widely renown for its historical towns, the bright green hills filled by tea cultivations and the natural wonders scattered all over the island. Far less it is told about its coasts. Many tourists combine the cultural journey to Sri Lanka with beach time in the nearby Maldives, but I had been there before and I wanted to try something new here on this island. Here is what I found.

First of all, don’t underestimate the season. I reached the eastern coast in the wrong time and all I got were buckets of rain over my head, until I decided to run to the south.

Seasons in Sri Lanka are as following: during high season (from December to March) it is advisable to stay on the western and southern coasts of the island; during low season (from May to August) it is preferably to stay in the north and the east. In April and September you might easily find good weather everywhere.

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

I was travelling in January and here is why I ended up in the south, which I’m going to talk you about. It is the most popular coast of Sri Lanka, but you won’t find crowded beaches or hotels packed with people. Mass tourism is not an issue around here.

Tangalle Beach

The first place I want to suggest you is called Tangalle, a peaceful village with a beautiful sea and a comfortable beach. Enjoyable accommodations can be found along the coastline.

Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Weligama Beach

After leaving Tangalle my driver took me to Weligama, but this place is only good if you are into surfing. I didn’t like the village nor the beach (dirty and shabby), but I found out it has one of the best surf schools in the country. You can also have some fresh seafood from the fishermen’s stands on the beach.

Mirissa Beach

The nearby Mirissa, instead, was lovely under any aspect. The village is very popular among tourists, but it is still quite and peaceful. I enjoyed walking along its lush streets. The beach is wide and comfortable. You can rent a beach chair or stretch your towel on the sand. For my accommodation I found a great place just five minutes from the beach: the Bamboo Garden (about 17 euros per person).

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Mirissa too is very popular among surfers and you might spot their performances since very early in the morning. Fresh seafood on the beach comes cheap and tasty. And whale watching is among the activities you can enjoy here: about 35 euros per person, and if you don’t spot any whales you can have a free trip the next day!

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Unawatuna Beach

Another popular place in the south is Unawatuna, with a slightly smaller beach than Mirissa. I spent here only a few hours, and it seemed to me like a nice place especially suited for families.

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka


My last advice is: don’t miss the chance to visit Galle for nothing in the world. This little town looks like it fell on Sri Lanka by chance.

Galle, Sri Lanka

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