4 Tips to Cut Airfare Costs When Travelling with Family

As a family that loves to travel, we’re always on the lookout for ways to maximize our adventures without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a road trip through the countryside or jetting off to exotic places like Asia, finding the best deals has become somewhat of a family tradition. With two kids in tow, the costs can add up quickly, but we’ve learned to be savvy about our expenses without sacrificing the quality of our trips. From scouring the internet for discounted airfare to booking accommodations during off-peak seasons, we’ve honed our skills in stretching our travel budget to its fullest potential.

Holidays are on the rise, with surveys showing that a staggering 82% of travellers harbour hopes of visiting dream destinations like the Maldives or Italy. However, the soaring costs of travel, exacerbated by inflation, can pose a significant barrier to realising these dreams, especially if you have plans to travel with your family. In fact, more than a quarter of tourists opt out of travel insurance, with 24% deeming it too expensive and 15% willing to “take their chances” to save money.

However, cutting airfare costs doesn’t have to mean compromising the safety of your loved ones. There are effective strategies families can employ to save money while still enjoying memorable vacations. Here are four strategies that have proven invaluable for us over the years.

Pick an off-peak season

Off-peak periods experience lower demand, leading to more competitive pricing and discounted fares. For instance, a round-trip to Europe can cost as low as $410 (approximately £328) in mid-January, but rise up to $594 (approximately £476) per person in peak seasons like June. This means you can take advantage of lower fares by being flexible with your travel dates, taking note of special school holidays, and filing for holiday leaves at work in advance. By travelling during off-peak season, you can even take advantage of the fewer crowds for a more intimate travel experience with your family.

Don’t fly directly

It’s common for airlines to offer discounts on less popular routes in order to attract passengers and fill seats on lower-demand flights. That is why flights with plenty of layovers tend to come cheaper than direct flights. However, this can have its disadvantages. Long-haul flights can be taxing for young toddlers, so if you need to change aircraft, it’s best to do so within the first couple of hours to minimise the disruption to the children. If this doesn’t seem ideal, families can start their journey by flying to cheaper destinations, such as Amsterdam in The Netherlands or Budapest in Hungary. Afterwards, they can make their way over to Austria or Czechia via rail or train. It’s also recommended to engage children with onboard activities such as colouring or reading to make the overall travel experience more enjoyable for the whole family. 

Use helpful online platforms

Most airline websites store travellers’ personal information, enabling them to tailor search results based on past travel history and individual preferences. Budget airlines tend to go a step further. See easyJet’s low fare finder, which allows families to search for cheap flights and compare information across various parameters, including off-season versus peak-season fares, as well as direct flights versus those with layovers. By consolidating all relevant flight data into a single platform, families can easily evaluate the options that align with their budget constraints. This also helps parents make informed decisions more quickly, allowing your family to spend the rest of their time planning out their travel activities or searching for cheap accommodations. 

Visit a destination dupe

Dupe destinations offer travellers the opportunity to experience similar attractions and activities to popular but pricier destinations, without the hefty price tag and crowds. In fact, 93% of travellers are already considering dupe destinations, with cost savings being a significant factor in their decision-making process. For example, instead of splurging on a trip to the Maldives or Rome, families can opt for a more budget-friendly alternative like the Philippines or Krakow, respectively. This allows families to stretch their travel budget and channel excess funds towards the itinerary. A scrumptious lunch spread on the beach or a visit to the Polish Aviation Museum can definitely enrich your family’s experience and create treasured memories for everyone.

From travelling during off-peak seasons to exploring alternative destinations, there are plenty of strategies families can use to save money without sacrificing safety or enjoyment. With careful planning and research, it’s possible to cut airfare costs and make your dream vacations a reality. 

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