4 Adventurous Motorcycle Routes In India

“Some do drugs, other pop bottles, we solve our problems with wide open throttles.”

Well, you can’t deny this. Like many other passionate motorcycle riders, I am also fascinated by motorcycle riding and I would like to enjoy everything within my power. It is like a perfect partner that offers you an unforgettable experience every single time. And for such wanderers, India is the most perfect place to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature.

You may have seen many motorcyclists travel to high altitudes of Leh & Ladakh. But now we will show the most popular places for motorbiking in India and what is waiting for you on these routes and destinations. This list below will help you to find some of the most unique and best places to travel.

Ladakh, J&K

The first one in the list is the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir state. You may have always wondered why some riders prefer to use Royal Enfield to travel Ladakh. Well, in technical terms, Royal Enfield is a very comfortable and reliable bike which is very useful to travel the high-altitudes of Ladakh. Plus, it’s right torque at slow speeds to wade over gravel dirt and rocks.

Anyways, The Ladakh region is a very beautiful place, full of mountain passes and Buddhist monasteries. The difficult roads will remind you of trail riding on Indian terrains. If you ever plan a ride to Leh-Ladakh, then make sure to do all the necessary preparations.

Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

Kolli Hills is considered as a top choice of nature lovers, trekking, and motorcycle riders among the hill stations. This tropical hill will get your heart from its scenery, less polluted environment and mountain ranges. Then, Kolli Hills is not all about motorycycle riding but it will take you to the Agaya Gangai – a famous waterfall situated near the Arappaleeswarar temple.

Moreover, if you are there you can also enjoy the Ori Festival and other cultural events. Kolli Hills is a great destination and motorcycle riding route to spend the weekend in a peaceful environment.

Western Arunachal Pradesh

Western Arunachal Pradesh is not well known for riding, but I can tell you that riding on the routes of Western Arunachal Pradesh is an adventure but not always easy. You will face mountain streams, alpine forests, waterfalls, and terraced paddy fields etc. So, you better prepare for it. Make sure you wear one of the best safety helmets and full riding gear to protect yourself on unpaved roads and from any possible landslides.

Its possible to catch glimpses of the unique tribal culture which makes this high altitude perfect for wanderers like us. Plus, you will get the opportunity to enjoy Ziro, Parsuram Kund, Lake District, Bomdila, and Namdapha National Park, which are all beautiful places that deserve a visit.

Way to Mumbai – Goa

NH-17 (National Highway – 17) is a single route which will offers an amazing road trip you. This single highway connects Mumbai – Goa – Kerala.

Riding alone with sun behind and seeing your own shadow against the roadside will give you the peace and enjoyment that you were searching for. This route requires only petrol in your motorcycle and your will to wander around to enjoy the scenery of Mumbai and Goa.

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