Neighborhood Guide – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

There’s more to New York City than Manhattan’s bright lights and soaring skyscrapers. If you’re searching for an experience that truly conjures the local lifestyle, look no further than Williamsburg. Trust us: whether you’re visiting for the first time or simply want to try something new, NYC doesn’t get much cooler than Brooklyn’s hippest ‘hood.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn - NYC

The Hotel: King & Grove

Williamsburg is home to only a few hotels, but it makes up for that lack of quantity with a serious focus on quality. King & Grove is the perfect example; this lifestyle hotel is equal parts trendy and luxurious, and it puts you right in the neighborhood’s heart. Cozy up in the retro-inspired rooms, grab a bite at the celebrated on-site restaurant, or kick back with a drink at the so-chic rooftop bar. It’s the essence of Williamsburg in one building.

The Stroll: Bedford Avenue 

Though Williamsburg technically sprawls across a fairly large area, the district’s attitude can be summed up by one main street: Bedford Avenue. From avant-garde boutiques to award-winning restaurants, this busy promenade offers the most unfettered glimpse at the local style. Start at the Bedford Avenue subway station — the L train will take you to and from the neighborhood — and then make your way northeast for a collection of shops and cafes. Don’t forget to peek through the side streets; a treasure trove of must-explore spots radiate from Bedford’s core.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn - NYC

The Indie Market: Artists & Fleas 

Perched in the center of Bedford Avenue’s busiest section, this weekend-only market is one of the most interesting places to see and be seen. Local designers and artisans sell items ranging from handcrafted paper goods to one-of-a-kind jewelry, and it’s among the best places to hunt for vintage clothing. Book your flights, purchase the best AmEx travel insurance Canada has to offer, and make a beeline for this market; it belongs at the top of your itinerary.

The Shopping Haven: Beacon’s Closet

Of course, the second-hand treasures don’t end with Artists & Fleas. If you’re on the hunt for vintage clothing with serious panache, head straight for Beacon’s Closet. This neighborhood institution is known for its vast collection of trendy threads, and everything is expertly organized into easy-to-browse rooms. What’s more, most of the pieces here are surprisingly affordable, so you can score a new wardrobe without sacrificing your savings account.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn - NYC

The Green Space: McCarren Park

If you’re staying at King & Grove, you’ll be just a hop, skip and jump away from this iconic park. Though it’s officially located in neighboring Greenpoint, McCarren serves as the crossover point for the two communities, and nearly everyone has spent a lazy afternoon relaxing on its grass. Traditional facilities like softball fields and playgrounds are plentiful, but the summer market is what really makes the green space shine.

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  1. I love this post, I’ve living in Williamsburg for two years and I think it’s an area often overlooked by people that visit NYC. Check out the area in between Metropolitan Ave & the Williamsburg bridge for something a little different. Greenpoint is only a short walk away and also has some great spots. Enjoy the big apple!

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