Across Iceland and the Faroe Islands on a Truck

January 6. When we started our journey from Iceland to South Africa with Vikings across Africa, it was cold. The starting team left from Reykjavik, while the others joined in Malaga, Spain. During the first few days we went along Iceland‘s southern coast, passing by Seljalandfoss – the waterfall in the picture! – and arriving in Hofn, where we visited Glacier Lagoon, one of the most beautiful places of my beloved Iceland. Then we went to Egilstadir, east coast, and we sailed towards Faroe Islands. It was wonderful being back in Iceland, meeting my new travel companions, and starting this new exciting adventure.

Then we got to the Faroe Islands, one of the less known, but most authentic and incredible places in Europe. I can’t believe how this small group of island could undergo unchecked by anyone until nowadays, while being one of the most beautiful and wildest place in Northern Europe. The Faroe Islands look like the primordial fruit of creation, and man is but an invisible dot amidst the sublime beauty of Nature. Little villages just mix to the landscape now and then.

I feel like touching the infinity…

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During the past years I travelled quite often, filling my journal with the impressions gathered in each place I visited. And for every page, there were also pictures about my destinations. I love photography because it allows you to share with other people what you see with your eyes, and whenever I can I do the same through my blog

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