3 Merino Wool products for the minimalist traveller

Anybody who travels frequently gets that warm fuzzy feeling when you find products that help you become that minimalist traveller you always dreamed of being.  Merino wool is often talked about as the miracle fabric, in many ways it is. It’s a natural fibre that wicks away sweat and keeps odour at bay. An excellent insulator keeps you warm even when wet! Best of all it’s naturally anti-bacterial, which means you can wear it for longer without any odour. 


Shoes from Allbird

Yes, you heard me right, shoes made from wool! The shoe industry is relatively late to the table in using Merino wool, but when you think about it, its perfect. We all love a good pair of leather shoes that you can wear without socks, well these Allbird Merino wool shoes you can do the same, due to the natural breathability of the wool, they keep your feet cool in hot climates and warm in cold climates, they look pretty good as well. 

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socks Socks from Smart wool 

Such a boring but an essential item. If you get them wrong, you could be cursing your whole trip, due to odour, uncomfortableness, or cold. I was introduced to Merino wool socks for trekking, once I used Merino wool socks there was no going back. There best feature is their ability to keep feet warm even when saturated in sweat. 

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Base Layer From Icebreaker 

Its all about the layers! For both sport and travel this rule applies to keeping your optimum body temperature you need be layering, with breathable clothing that can be removed and put on easily, merino wool layers do the job perfectly. 

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