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  • Felicity

    A money belt is the ideal solution it’s pretty discreet, it’s always attached to you and leaves your hands free so there is no chance of putting it down somewhere and forgetting it. We’ve used this method for over 5 years of travel and haven’t lost or had a passport stolen yet! Lets hope it continues.

  • Felicity

    Up till now neither Marco or I have ever lost our passport, touch wood! We have always used the methods explained in the article to keep it safe. On our travels we’ve heard a few horror stories from other travellers who have lost their passports and had to wait up to two weeks for a replacement. They told us the most annoying aspect is the disruption to your travel plans ie. having to re-arrange flights or miss doing a certain activity or sight due to not enough time.

  • Buy Xanax Argentina

    Ooohh… The digital copy is genius. Didn’t think of that. G and I travel with an iTouch so it makes perfect sense to just download a photo. Beats the photocopy. Go paperless! 😉 Great tip!

  • Xanax Online Reddit

    New reader here. Great blog so far.
    I can’t believe I never thought of having a digital photocopy of my passport saved in my e-mail. I am for one that hates wasting trees and prefer everything digitized. I’m going to have to use this one for sure. So thanks for that!
    I had to click on this article since I just sent my passport away to get more pages added to it… Traveler problems I tell ya.

  • Buy American Xanax

    I always stay in private rooms, not in dormitories. Then, even if there is no safe, I just leave it in my luggage and lock it. Someone would have to steal the whole luggage, which is highly unlikely unless it’s a super dodgy place

  • Buy Xanax Eu

    We go a little more DIY. Sewing a small soft pocket on the inside of your shorts / pants lets you avoid a moneybelt. Works well if you wear loose fitting clothing and don’t need your passport, but want it on you.

  • Emma

    I wouldn’t if I were you. From what I hear, in countries in South East Asia and even in Spain, hotels have been know to hand it out to tour guides or simply in error to other guests.

  • Emma

    I agree that one shouldn’t leave it with reception but this is impossible in ex soviet countries such as Uzbekistan who want it so they can register you and they put post it notes/slips inside your passport

  • Emma

    Also I would like to add that i agree never leave passport with hotel if at all possible. I had a very bad experience a couple of years ago. On the bus while still in the airport vicinity just after arrival, our passports and tickets were collected by the tour guide. No explanation. Outside the hotel the group leader said I want all you tips tomorrow.
    The following day I went to hotel reception to get mine and the hotel looked everywhere but couldn’t find it.
    The group leader came up and said he had it.
    After getting them back to go through a checkpoint he came and collected them giving us an intimidating look to put them in his bag.
    On another occassion I got mine back for a party , gave it in the hotel when I came back and it walked to the group leader.
    How do you deal with these situations?
    I hate people handing my passport in for me. Any suggestions with this

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