Discover Ireland – Doolin, Sweet Idleness

Small, hard to reach, lost somewhere in the bright green of Western Ireland, but with a distinct tourist aim. We are talking about Doolin, coastal village of Clare county facing directly the Atlantic Ocean. Who visits the Burren or is on his way to Cliffs of Moher can’t miss the chance to stop in this charming place.

Till a few years ago, Doolin wasnt’ but a fishermen village. Made up by two main roads, Fisherstreet and Roadford, Doolin is known to be traditional Irish music’s homeland. Today, being half the way between Galway and Cliffs, Doolin is changing: the village is growing and is becoming a popular destination. Hence, let’s enjoy it as it is before mass tourism hits definitely.

Doolin, Ireland True travellers will be happy to spend at least one night in Doolin. As soon as you arrive, you will have the feeling to be landed on a different planet. We suggest you to rent a nice room in front of the ocean in a B&B along the secondary streets and before starting your exploration have a tasty breakfast: the typical Irish breakfast is an extraordinary experience you will never forget. Go to McGann’s and pretend to have an Irish stomach: feed up on eggs, sausages, ham, beans, pudding and potatoes, and nothing will stop you on your day.

But what can you do in Doolin? Absolutely nothing! Take your time, discover the old cottages with the roof made of PAGLIA, the little coloured buildings, the street crossed by lazy cows. Rent a bike and reach the sea through Fisherstreet. Take a deep breath of fresh breeze and look out for the Aran Islands. Roam among the little craftwork and music shops. And in the evening relax in one of the three characteristic pubs along the way, O’Connor, McGann’s or McDermott’s. Once the sun has set, you may even enjoy extraordinary live exhibitions of pure Irish music.

During summer time, you may book a ferry trip from Doolin to the Aran Islands. And a few kilometres from Doolin you may visit Doonagore Castle and Ballinalacken Castle. You can see the first one from the village and it is just a small abandoned fortress: reach the top of the tower and enjoy the sight over the sea.

The Doolin Caves are another interesting trip destination: they are open for visiting just since a short time and inside are the biggest stalactite of the boreal hemisphere.

Where is Doolin?

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