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Travel Like a Local in Hoi An: New Year Celebration, Tet in Vietnam

When we travel, some of our most interesting and fulfilling experiences happen to be when we are invited to a local families home, allowing us to learn first hand about their own culture and traditions.

After just a couple of short weeks of living in Hoi An, we were invited by Sam who we met whilst she worked at her mothers market store. She invited us to her families home during TET Vietnamese New Year celebrations.

TET runs for 3 days from 16th February, its an extremely auspicious time with lots of family gatherings and ceremonies taking place, we felt privileged to be invited. Visiting Hoi An during TET celebrations is wonderful experience, firstly because the town is filled with beautifully hand painted lanterns and there is also a very festive mood around town, which is similar to Christmas time in Europe.

When we arrived at Sam’s family home, we weren’t sure what to expect, but they made an amazing lunch for us and showered the girls with sweets, it was a really lovely experience to be welcomed with open arms to their family home and meet all of Sam’s family. Even though we were strangers to Sam’s family they welcomed us like long lost friends, with such generous hospitality. Sam admitted she loved to meet western tourists to practice her english and also learn about our culture.

Also in the video we show you Hoi An on the only day of the year that the Old Town market is closed for a day of rest for all. Then during the evening the town comes alive with huge festivities and influx of local people arriving in Hoi An to celebrate TET with, eating, drinking and games.

Watch the video to find out all about our own unique experience of celebrating TET in Hoi An and what locals do, to celebrate Vietnamese New Year.