PanPan – You Ask, the Locals Answer on Your Smartphone

There are many ways to see the Internet. One of them is to think of it as an unlimited resource of information about our next travel destination.

Still, some information are hard to obtain through the usual search engines…

Where can I find a quite spot on the beach in Sicily?
Where should I park my car in Manhattan?
Can I recharge somewhere my mobile in Berlin’s airport?
What kind of clothes should I pack a weekend in Lisbon?

The answer to these query and many more is PanPan, one the most interesting and innovative ideas among travel apps for smartphone.

PanPan - Travel App

PanPan allows to obtain tailored answers to articulate questions, the kind you will hardly see on the web.

But how does it work?

PanPan is simple and effective. The traveller in need selects a geographic area and types his question. The application forwards the question to all users in the selected area in order for whoever is on the spot to offer the most clear and helpful answer possible.

PanPan - Travel App

And how do you get the best suited people to answer to your question?

PanPan’s most noticeable strength is the automatic identification of the people eligible to answer. And not just among the app’s users, but among all 700 million Twitter users around the world, in order to provide answers from any corner of the planet.

PanPan travel app is free and available in iOS and Android online stores.

Try it out on your next journey and let us know what you think of it!

PanPan - Travel App

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